Monday, August 16, 2010

Lake Herman (Madison SD)

Sunday morning we took our time getting ready to leave the KOA in Sioux Falls. We only had about 50 miles to go to the State Park. The weather is almost perfect. It was about 75 degrees when we left and about 79 when we arrived at about 12:30.  We will be here at Lake Herman until the Aug 25th. The campground here is beautiful. It is out on a peninsula with a lower and upper campground loops. We are in the upper section which has less trees and more wind. Our campsite is just a pull through on the side of the loop. It was the best we could get when I made the reservations back in June. It turned out to be a lot better than I had hoped. We only have electricity and 30 amps but we do not need the A/C.

We are using our fresh water tank for the first time  We have 100 gallons for fresh and 75 for grey (shower,sinks) and 50 black(toilet). Since we are staying for ten days I do not want to have to move to dump or take on fresh water. We will use the park services during the day and the park has individual showers that are very nice. We got set up and fixed lunch. Max wanted to clean inside the rig today but after getting set up the weather was just too nice to be inside. Cleaning day will just have to wait a day or two!

I unloaded the bicycles and started to lube all the chains, cables etc..and was looking at an issue Max had with her bike. The rear gear set or freewheel sprocket assembly is not locking in the forward direction. This causes the pedal to just freewheel forward with no motion. We were lucky to get back from our Hennepin Canal ride last week. I took the wheel off and will take in into Madison to see if there is a bike shop. I could not find one on the internet, but hopefully there is one there.

There is another fulltime couple here that also has a Goldwing. They have a Escalade fifth wheel and use a swivel wheel carrier. We spent about an hour with them talking about their set up.  It is a very nice setup and something we may look at down the road. But I think I would want to beef up my hitch to do so. The swivel wheel works great but will have a heavier tongue weight than a traditional trailer would. The Goldwing would be centered between the hitch and the rear wheel splitting the weight between the two. A traditional trailer would have the weight centered over the trailer axle limiting the tongue weight. So for now we will still ride the bike. It does have advantages by not having it loaded. We can ride ahead and radio back with directions or scout out a campground and pic a site before we pull the rig through.

We spent Sunday afternoon and evening outside reading and watching a little TV. I took a walk in the evening to get some quick  pictures before it gets dark.  Here are a few and I will get better pictures of the park in a day or two.

Our campsite with plenty of front yard


Lake Herman on one side of us



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