Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Taking Care of Business

Tuesday we got up and had breakfast, then headed into Madison to the License Branch to get Max’s drivers license. Madison is such a small town that they only have the branch open one day a week, Tuesday’s. They open at 9.00am and we got there about ten minutes early.  Max had filled out the paperwork she needed the night before and we were in and out within fifteen minutes. We then headed to the county treasury office to get Max’s name added to the titles for the truck and fifth wheel . Again we were in and out in about fifteen minutes. We made it back to the rig by 9:45am. We still had time to get our four mile walk in before lunch.

We now have everything done on our transition to full time. We are both now legally South Dakota residents. Sorry Indiana no more tax revenue from us!!

The weather here is very nice and we spent the rest of the day reading and enjoying the park. There are only about 5 campers in the whole campground. I know that will change come this weekend because all sites have been reserved. Here is a nice view of the park and lake. The campground is located in the trees in the top right half of the picture.


While on one of our walks one morning Max saw a Native Ferret or a Lesser Weasel cross in front of us. I did not have my camera but this is what he looked like. I may have to get up early and go out to see if I can get a pic. This would of course mean I would have to sacrifice some coffee time!


Here are a few other pics from the park.

Herman Luce cabin (1871)


Luce family cemetery. Four people are buried here. One is a 9 year old girl that died of Chicken Pox.


View of the lake from a picnic area


This is a small state park and is the type of park we will want to camp in if we can. The sites are not too close together and there are enough trails and swimming area’s to keep us busy.

We do not have very much planned the next week. We will take some motorcycle day rides to some of the other state parks that are real close and maybe go to the historic prairie village that is close to town. Stay tuned!

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