Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Postponed in Madison

Our plan was to leave this Wednesday morning and head about 70 miles south to Mitchell SD. We had to put the plan on hold for at least another day. We have new credit cards coming, and they will not arrive here in Madison until Thursday. Hopefully they will arrive as promised and we can get them activated and we can start our migration south. We had to cancel our other cards because someone was trying to use them. Luckily we were able to catch it before any real damage was done. Our credit card company does a good job of watching what is being charged and if it looks suspicious then they will call us. We use this card for all of our purchases both on and off line and pay it off each month. This way nothing is tied to our checking account.

We have until Nov 1st until we have to be in Phoenix. We want to spend a little time in Colorado and more time in New Mexico. We will try to zip through Nebraska and rest for two weeks in Monument Colorado. Then drift down to New Mexico and spend most of October there. I am researching their state parks. They have a pretty good deal if you plan on staying for some time each year. We can  visit the parks in October then again in late January and early February on our way back to Indiana.

We will be in the Albuquerque area during the annual balloon festival. I am not sure we will be able to camp very close. They want up to $185 a night on the launch grounds. That is not going to happen. We will camp in Oklahoma and ride the wing there before I spend that much:>)

Our last days here in Madison have gone well except for the delay. We are both getting hitch itch and are ready to travel.  We will get to Mitchell Thursday night  then  next Wednesday we will head to Buryanek State Rec area.We have a site reserved along the Missouri river to get us past Labor day. Then we will only spend about 5 days in Nebraska and should end up in Monument Colorado by around Sept 12th.

Then the biggest event of the year happens on Monday Sept 13th.  Yep That’s right, Chiefs home opener on Monday Night Football.

I know where I will be.


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