Saturday, August 28, 2010

Travel Day To Mitchell South Dakota

Thursday morning we got up and walked our four miles. Then we headed into town to check our mail. Luckily we received our credit cards and the washing machine part we have been waiting 2 months for. We then went back to the state park and started the hitching up routine. We were able to get on the road at about noon.

It was only about 75 miles to Mitchell and it was a very pretty day to travel on. When we got to town we stopped for diesel and then headed to Walmart to buy groceries. We also had to buy a new bicycle for Maxine. Her old one broke the gear set hub and would not engage. There was also a Menards right next door. We went to Menards first and I bought the components for a rotating flag pole that we can place in our campsite. I want to buy a Chiefs flag for the upcoming football season. I found a flag that I like and will have it shipped to the campground we will be at in Monument Co. It will be interesting to see the sneers, jeers and hisses I will get when I proudly display it in the Denver Bronco’s territory. :>)  I know I will have to lock it up each night because I know someone from Denver would steal it for their basement, well okay maybe they would burn it! Isn’t football season fun!

We purchased all of our groceries and bicycle and got everything loaded up into the RV and headed to the campground. It is just a small camping area just behind a Super 8 motel right beside I-90. The Corn Palace festival is going on this week and they have several blocks shut down for the event. We walked along the food vendor’s, the midway, and all the rides. Not buying any Elephant Ears or Funnel cakes was a big win for the diet. However we kind of went off the reservation the next day.

Friday we spent most of the day working on our route and camping opportunities from Monument Colorado to Phoenix. I think we are going to change our minds about going through Santé Fe and Albuquerque. With the balloon fest going on we can not find a place to stay within reason. So I think we will head across the lower portion of Colorado and spend some time in Durango. We were in that area a few yeas ago on a Goldwing trip but did not stop to visit. I wanted to go back and see that area and now we should have the time to see it. After working on our route planning we headed over to Cabala's and browsed around. I bought a pair of shorts and Max bought a hat that will be good for hiking in the sun. It is light weight and has a wide brim and a flap that folds down over her neck to keep the sun off. After spending an hour or so browsing we left and went to dinner at Whisky Creek. We ate at one in Kokomo Indiana and it was pretty good. This one not so much. It was not as good and not worth the breaking of the diet.

Just as we sat down for dinner I got a call from my older sister.  I have not talked to her for a couple of years and so I told her I would call her when we got back to the rig. We got back fairly early and I gave her a call. Her husband and her are retired and living in Pensacola Fl. It was great to talk to them and catch up a little. We need to catch up a lot more and  may have to route through that way as we head back to Indiana in the spring. We shall see.

 We will only be here in Mitchell until next Wednesday then we will head to a small state rec area along the Missouri river. Whirlpool is suppose to send out a service tech on Wednesday morning to install the control board that we have finally gotten from Whirlpool. They do not service the area we are headed to so we can not leave for the state rec area until after the service call. Whatever it takes to get it fixed. We have had this rig for almost three months and we have yet been able to use the washing machine.

Not sure what we are going to do Saturday and Sunday. We will play it by ear. Hmmmmmmmm Elephant Ears!


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