Thursday, September 2, 2010

Keeping Fingers Crossed.

The wind  finally died down in Mitchell where we could at least get outside without blowing away. We decided to wash the RV and the truck. They both needed it pretty bad. All day long we were outside and could smell the chicken that was being cooked at the gas station/chicken express next door. I think we both decided that chicken was on the menu for dinner that night.

While at Mitchell we met a very nice couple from Australia that are spending a year or so traveling the US and Canada in their RV. We spent a couple hours getting to know these fine folks and it was really interesting talking to them. I hope we get a chance to meet up down the road somewhere before they head back home. It is always interesting to get other perspectives on what people think of our country, and after they have spent a year or so here it would be great to hear about their adventures. Plus I love hearing what it is like in their country. I did learn the truth about one thing. They confirmed that the water in the toilet does swirl in the opposite direction from ours! Thanks Norm and Paula for a great visit and hope to see you down the road.

Wednesday morning the service tech came to install the control board in our washer. It took him about 45 minutes to get it installed. When he first tried to start it up, nothing happened. Uh! Oh! Then I noticed that the door was not shut tight and he started the sequence again. This time it started up and ran for a whole cycle. So right now it worked but we will not call it fixed until we actually run a few loads of laundry through it. Once we get to Buryanek Rec Area we will give it a full workout.

We left the Mitchell campground and headed to Cabala’s and Wal-Mart. I wanted to get a dry bag to carry the camera in when we went in the kayak. We also needed to buy groceries. We got stocked up and headed for the Buryanek State Rec area.
The Rec Area is along the Missouri river about 10 mile west of Platte South Dakota. The road to this point was pretty flat but when we got close to the river we got into some nice hilly terrain. We crossed the Missouri river and the rec area was just 3 miles north along the bank. Unfortunately that 3 miles was all gravel and with a few steep grades and sharp turns. Maxine was riding the motorcycle and I was following. I told her that once she got to the campground that she would have earned her riding on gravel roads certification for sure!. I had a small problem with the rig due to the fact that I did not get my electrical plug plugged in all the way. I had no electric brakes on the RV. Now driving on the flat roads I did not notice it. The brakes on the F450 are pretty good. But when I started going down the steep grade on the gravel road that 18,500 pound trailer likes to push. I dropped the transmission into low gear and went as slow as I could. I did not want to run over Max because she had her own issues going on in the loose gravel.

We made it down to the campground along the river with no mishaps, just shot nerves. I now have to error proof the trailer connection to ensure it is fully locked in position before we travel. I am just glad we were not in the mountains.

Here is a picture of our Campsite. We are in the back loop away from the river. The river front sites we already taken by the time we made our reservation. But we have a little more wind protection.
A few more views from the campground.
We will explore the area and see if there are any hiking trails close by. There is another Rec area on the other side of the river that we will go check out. One thing is for sure. My diet will be happy. No Fairs going on and no DQ for 50 miles.

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