Sunday, September 5, 2010

Testing the Limits

The last couple of days here at Buryanek Rec area we have spent reading, river watching and people watching. We are using this week to test the limits of our fresh water tank. The goal is to try to make it for 6 days with 100 gallons of fresh water living the way we normally would hooked up to water. That means doing the laundry for the week and using the dishwasher as needed and using the park restroom during the day. We had our washing machine serviced and decided we would do a full test once we got set up here at Buryanek. .  

We separated the laundry and put in the first load. Uh! Oh! The same issue as before. this is a front load machine so the door has to lock before it will start. I played around with the door switch and was able to get the blasted thing started. We managed to get 4 loads of laundry completed but I had to mess with the door switch each time. For having a brand new washing machine since June and only being able to run 4 loads through it, is testing our limits. We have talked to everyone from the RV manufacturer, the dealer and Whirlpool. I called whirlpool again to set up a service call for when we are in Monument Colorado. I hope they do not have to back order any parts again. Back in my old career I would have sent a cost recovery notice to a supplier that caused financial cost to the plant due to faulty or damaged components to recover the added costs of manufacturing the vehicle. I wonder if I could send a bill to Whirlpool for the 15 dollars of laundry mat service each week since June. We probably could have bought a Maytag by now. We just try to remember that this is just the small stuff and try to roll with it. 

We took a motorcycle ride around the area and there is not much for 20 miles in any direction. The area is pretty isolated but has some nice views of the river. Most of the roads off the main highway are gravel so we did not venture too far.

Here in the distance is the bridge we crossed going over the river. Not too many houses or farms close by.


I can’t find any Ice Cream anywhere. My diet is very happy this week


I walked up the hill behind our campground and took these pictures


We are the fifth wheel in front of the tree in the right center.


We have a mile loop we walk 4 times to get our 4 miles in each day. With the river views and the hilly surroundings it is a nice walk. So between now and Tuesday we will just be watching the river and the weekenders trying to fit all of their holiday fun into three days. I am so glad we do not have to hurry up, pack up, get home, and unpack.

Have a safe Labor Day!

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piper1942 said...

Hello There!

Glad to hear you are having such a good time being lazy. Sorry to hear about the problems you are having with the washer. Does it take you back to when you were first married and the laundromat was the only thing you had to do wash?

Have you done any Geocaching? By the pictures there isn't much to hide one in.

It sounds like you are enjoying it way too much. Maybe one day we will know what it is like. Just don't diet so much that we don't recognize you when you come home. We sure do miss you guys and wish we were in the site right next door to you.

You take care, be safe and God Bless.

Love and Prayers,

Max and Sue