Thursday, October 21, 2010

Finally, Fat Man Weather!

The weather is finally starting to shift to cooler temps. It will be in the high 70’s and rain for the next couple of days. Perfect for fat guys like me. I can now be lazy in comfort!

Monday we were getting a little antsy and took a small bike ride to Scottsdale. It was not far but far enough to know that it is still too soon for Max to travel very far on the bike. We stopped at a McDonalds and rested and enjoyed a couple of McFlurry’s before we headed back. We got home and Maxine’s sister called and told us they were back from their week vacation to California. She had some mail that was delivered there for us so we went over and spent a couple of hours visiting.

Tuesday was almost a perfect day but for some reason we sat inside the rig for the most part and did some reading and a little TV watching. When evening came we sat outside and listened to some soft jazz and I had a few glasses of wine. Max is not a wine drinker but I enjoy it every now and then. It is hard to keep it in the rig because it does not fit in the refrigerator. So obviously once I open a bottle I have to finish it right away to save storage space :>) That’s my story anyway.

Wednesday Max had her Dr. appointment. They took x-rays of both of her knees and legs. The Dr. confirmed kind of what the other Doctor in Colorado had diagnosed, but he showed us how the ACL ligament had actually caused the top back part of the tibia where the ligament attaches to the bone to fracture. He said that this was good news because the ligament is still attached to the bone fragment and will heal with no surgical intervention. After doing his physical evaluation of the rest of her knee, he said that the rest of her knee feels stable and he is about 90 percent sure she will not need any surgery for that as well. He wants her to continue to keep weight off of it for another two weeks and then he will take some more x-rays to see how it is healing. He also looked at her other knee (which she has had 2 previous operations) and asked her how it felt. It almost has bone to bone contact and she will probably need to have something done to it at a later date. So overall the appointment went well and she is looking forward to 2 more weeks to pass by so she can hopefully start to put weight on it.

I have spent the last couple of days looking at other RV resort options in the central Arizona area. Where we are is okay but there are no activities. When we are sitting still in one area for a long time we like to at least have a clubhouse where people meet a couple times a week. The problem here is that most most of the resorts are age restricted to 55 and older. Just too young still!

I am also looking at trying to play some pickleball a few times a week. Since Max’s mother lives in Sun City she can get me a guest pass for the rec centers. Some of them have very active pickleball clubs so I am looking at getting involved. It will give me some much needed exercise while we are here.

Wednesday night we finally caved in to the Red Lobster commercials and went and had the endless shrimp that they had advertized. You just can not go wrong with Cheesy Biscuits, Shrimp and good company! We finished off the night by renting a movie at a Red Box that is just down the street. We watched yet another version of Robin Hood with Russell Crowe. It was ok, just glad I only paid a dollar for it instead of seeing it at the theaters.

It rained last last night and this morning and now the sun is going to shine. I guess I need to go wipe down the truck and the bike and get them squeaky clean again.

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