Sunday, October 3, 2010


Friday morning we left Camp Verde Az. and headed towards Phoenix. It was a short hop of about 78 miles. As we pulled out of our camp spot I noticed that the RH front landing gear was slowly coming down. This is not good because if it drops down all the way it will drag the pavement and could cause some serious damage. I stopped and raised it back up into position again hoping that it was just an air bubble or something in the hydraulics. We went about 10 miles down the highway and Max heard it scraping the ground. I pulled over on the shoulder and raised it again and noticed that the LH was also dropping. I got them raised and made it to a rest area and was able to take a better look. My concern was the seals in the jacks but since they are independent and both front jacks were dropping it had to be a hydraulic line somewhere.

I opened up the front door panel where the pump is and took a look at the connections. I noticed a small drop of fluid at one fitting. There was no puddle of fluid anywhere but just a drip getting ready to drop from this connection. I wiped off the fluid and barely tightened the fitting. That seemed to do the trick. The front jacks stayed put the rest of the trip. Whew!

We made it to the Desert Sands RV resort here in Phoenix and there was no one at the office. Just a package with our name on it by the door. I opened it up and it told us what site we were in. They had a small patio with shade and chairs so I got Max set up there so she could rest her leg and stay out of the heat while I set up. I got set up into the site unhitched the truck and was getting our water softener set up when a guy come up and ask me what site I was suppose to be in. I said site 44, he said he was in site 44. Uh Oh!

I looked at his paperwork they left for him and it said site 44. I went back to my paper work and it said site 41. They had drawn with pencil and highlighted the site number on the sheet but it looked like a 44 to me. Now on closer examination I could see that it was site 41. I did not look forward to hitching back up in 103 deg heat and there was still no one in the office. Finally a another guy came up and called someone and they said just to stay where we are at for now. The guy that was supposed to have site 44 was only going to stay for 3 days. Now when he moves they may or may not make us move to that site. We will see. I guess I should have looked at the paperwork closer.

The RV resort is very old and is right off the freeway. It does have a pool but no club house. We normally would not stay here at all but it is the closest campground to Maxine’s sister’s house. We are about 10 minutes away and we are about 20 minutes from Maxine’s Moms house.

Saturday Maxine worked on our financials and I went to Wal-Mart to buy groceries. All I can say is I will not go back on a weekend. Busy Busy Busy! After I got home and Max got done with the bills we went to Her sister Betty’s house to catch up and to have dinner. Betty had picked up mom so we had everyone together to enjoy the evening. Betty and Randy went way out of their way and prepared steaks and salads and stuffed mushrooms. Randy introduced me to a new beer and a couple of wines. I think my diet was put on hold for the night. We enjoyed the evening and talked of some of the things we will do while we are here. First and foremost is to get everyone healthy, Maxine of course and Maxine’s mother. She just had a small stroke and is recovering, but she also has to have vascular surgery on both sides of her neck to clear some blockage. That will happen in about thirty days from now. I am glad we are here to be with her as she goes through those procedures.

I will try to get some pictures of the Phoenix area and will get them posted. We will not be doing much until Max can walk again but we will do what we can. I will be heading back to Colorado Springs at the end of the week to pick up the Goldwing. A nice two day ride back will do me good.

This week the plan is to wash the truck and the rig but not in 103 degrees. It is suppose to cool down into the 80’s by Wednesday. That is when I will plan to do it, But! if something shiny catches my attention all bets are off!


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