Thursday, September 30, 2010

Camp Verde Arizona

Tuesday we came in to Camp Verde Arizona and are staying at a Western Horizons Resort that is in our Coast to Coast system. It is located along the Verde River. The park is good size with full hookups and lots of amenities.

While setting up the rig my neighbor was outside and he asked me if I played pickle ball. I told him I have never played but it was a game that I wanted to learn. Well he invited me to go play with them at another campground down the road the next morning. We set up a time to meet and I finished setting up the RV. The heat was beginning to build up so we stayed in the RV for the afternoon.

At 7:00 I drove Max up to the clubhouse and we went inside to play cards. We met many nice couples and we played card bingo. I think Max was the big winner for the night. After a few hours we called it a night and finished up the night watching TV.

The next morning we had to get up early to meet our neighbors Bob and Julie to play pickle ball. Max wanted to go and watch so we followed them in our truck. We drove about eight miles to a Thousand Trails campground and since Bob and Julie are members they could get us in on a day pass. The campground is very large and has lots of things to do. They have two pickle ball courts. Now the game of pickle ball is  a cross between tennis, ping pong, and racquet ball. I won’t go into all the rules but it doesn’t take too long to figure them out. No I knew I was in trouble as soon as I learned that the people we were going to play with have been playing together for quite some time. With me being a rookie they took it easy on me and did not seem to mind me playing, rookie mistakes and all.

I do not think I did too bad for the first time. These guy’s and Gals make it look easy. After playing for a couple hours I am now hooked. Now as we travel I am going to have to find places to play and others to play with. I think Max wants to play but she is going to have to heal up first, then invest in some really good knee supports.

After playing pickle ball the group went to Cottonwood Az to a Chinese buffet. The buffet was very good and fresh and I over indulged like I knew I would. So much for the exercise for this day.

Wednesday evening we went back to the clubhouse and played cards for about three hours. We learned a new game and had a great time. After the game we got home and Max had to put some Ice on her leg. I think she over did it today. After a little TV it was off to bed.

Thursday I got up before Max and went and played pickle ball one last time before we leave on Friday.  I think I improved a little but I know they were still taking it easy on me. All I know is that it i am pretty sore. Thanks Bob, Julie, Travis, Steve, Cheryl, Mary Lee, and Olen for teaching and taking time out of your regular games to let me play.

Now we are looking towards Phoenix and getting settled there for the next three months. I am ready to go and get the motorcycle and ride it back to Phoenix. I will take the scenic route, but for this part of the country it is all a scenic route.

See you in Phoenix!

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Selchow said...

It's great to hear that yet another couple is hooked on Pickleball! If your travels ever lead you to Northern Illinois, come play with us!