Thursday, October 7, 2010

Visiting (Phoenix)

So far this week we have not done too much. I am sure the blog entries will be short and in not too much detail. When we are just sitting still

there is not a lot to blog about. Maxine has her Dr. appointment with an Orthopedic on Oct 20th. We are still concerned for her ACL and MCS tendons and Max thinks there is some type of damage there based on the way the pain in the knee feels. The Dr. in Colorado Springs said that they would not do any surgery until the bone heals. It will be good to have another opinion and to have an MRI done to know for sure. Waiting is the hard part. Max is ready to have it all over with for sure.

I will be flying out to Colorado Springs to get the goldwing and ride it back to Phoenix. I am looking forward to the ride but I will miss my Chiefs playing the Colts on Sunday. I will have to record it and watch it later. I am sure the Chiefs will loose because the Colts lost last week and I do not see them loosing two in a row. I hope I am wrong and the Chiefs pull an upset. Once we get the bike to Phoenix we will see if Max can sit comfortably on it with her splint on. If she can then we will tour the area on the bike and save the diesel cost.

We had several storms roll through the area and even some tornados in the northern part of Arizona. We had some hail and heavy rains but we had no damage. I just washed and waxed the truck. Now I have to wash it again.

Tuesday we went and visited Maxine’s mom. Jackie had a small stroke a couple of weeks ago and is recovering nicely. She has to go in and have vascular surgery on Oct 26th for some blockage in her neck. Then two weeks later she has to have the other side done. We visited with mom all day then took her to dinner at a small cafe close to home.

Wednesday I started my four mile walking routine back up. I need to keep it going even though Max can not go with me. With all of the visiting and eating out I need to at least try to keep my weight in check. We spent most of the day at the rig then we went to Lowes and I bought an eight foot ladder to use for cleaning the rig. I have a six foot ladder but I can not reach the top of the rig without climbing on the top step. That is not a good idea and to be safer I bought an eight foot ladder. I will need to also buy a new bike rack to carry both bikes on a hitch rack and then carry the ladder on the RV ladder. This will also free up some basement space where I carry the six foot ladder now. Since I have the new ladder I guess it is time for me to clean the rig. I just keep creating work for myself!


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