Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bringing Home Our Baby

Saturday I took the trip back up to Colorado Springs to get our baby back. Our Goldwing has been stored at the Chapter Directors house (Butch & Linda Shelly)of GWRRA Chapter I in Colorado Springs. I left Max at the RV with plenty of food and water, lots of chocolate and a good book. (Who say’s I do not take care of her!). She is able to hobble around good enough that she felt that she would be more comfortable at the rig in her own bed then staying at her moms. She can get in and out of the rig by herself by sitting on the floor and sliding out on her hind quarters. Same way getting back into the rig as well. It’s probably more fun for me to watch than for her to actually do it, but it is safer than trying to use the crutches on the narrow RV steps.

Max’s sister Betty took me to the Phoenix airport and dropped me off at the front door. I had a flight to Denver then a connecting hop to Colorado Springs. I got my e-ticket at the check in and then proceeded to the security lane and was abruptly stopped. The TSA officer said I could not go any further. He had a smirk on his face and I wondered what the problem was. He said I could not go any further with my Kansas City Chiefs hat on! After some brief negotiations I was able to proceed with my hat on backwards. Sheesh! NFL fans.

I had a nice flight to Denver and into Colorado Springs. Butch picked me up at the airport and we headed to his house. Linda’s parents were in town visiting from Texas and Butch told me that Linda had dinner all set to go. It seems her parents raise cattle and beef is never an issue. When we got to the house she had some of the biggest steaks I ever saw marinating waiting for the grill. Butch and Linda went way beyond in helping Maxine and me out in storing the bike and in logistically getting me around. I had a very enjoyable dinner with them and her parents and I can not thank them enough. Some day I hope to pay it forward. Thanks Butch and Linda!

When I left Butch and Linda’s house I headed to the Comfort Inn in Colorado Springs to spend the night. I got settled in and was up early to get on the road. The total trip was about 820 miles or so and I wanted to split it up into a two day ride. I did not want to take the same roads we went with the RV. I went west along US 160 towards Durango and then headed down to Farmington NM to spend the night.

The ride through Colorado was pretty chilly in the morning. The temp was at 39 degrees when I left Colorado Springs. Then it warmed up but when I got into higher elevations it would cool down to about 42 degrees. There was snow on the top of some mountains and when I went over Wolf Creek pass there was snow along side the road. As I was coming down the west side of Wolf Creek pass I had to stop for a couple of photos of the valley below.



I rode into Durango and stopped in the historic downtown area to rest and to find some pyrite (Fools Gold) for the grand boy’s. I walked around at the different shops but it just wasn’t any fun with out Max there. I found what I was looking for at a trinket shop along with some arrowheads to send back to the boy’s. I found some pretty cool sling shots but I didn’t think that would be a good idea! Tempting though! Something about paybacks. But common sense over ruled.

I left Durango and headed south for Farmington NM. I found a room at the Comfort Inn there and was all settled in. I found out the score of the Chiefs game and was not too surprised at the out come. The Chiefs did play them tough and kept them to field goals until the last quarter. It was a good test for our young defense and they did a pretty good job. Now they just need to get some receivers that can hang on to the ball.

Monday I left Farmington at 7:00am. The temp was 38 degrees according to my bikes gage. I rode south towards Gallup NM.  through the Navajo Indian reservation. As I was in a very lonely stretch of highway I took a few pictures. Here are a couple.





In Gallup I rode west on US 40 to Holbrook Az and headed south toward Payson AZ. Coming through Scottsdale and then on into Phoenix. I made it home around 4:00pm. After getting settled in back home Max and I decided to go to dinner and to see if she could sit on the motorcycle with her leg splint on. She was able to, so we put her crutches in the cargo trailer and took a test ride to a restaurant about 5 miles away. Hopefully we can use the bike to do more sight seeing and save the diesel cost. We will take it slow and not get to far away to make sure she will be able to handle it okay. Now it’s time to give the baby a bath.

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