Monday, November 1, 2010

A Little of This and a Little of That

Mom is healing up from her surgery and is getting her strength back a little everyday. We spent Wednesday night there and all day on Thursday. She was doing well enough that we decided to spend Thursday night back at our rig. Then Friday we would go over early and work a little on her projects. Betty had the day off so she met us over there and we started cleaning out the garage and getting things ready to take to the landfill on Saturday. When mom bought the house she had new kitchen cabinets installed and they put the old ones in the garage. The plan is to use some of them in her utility room for her crafts and some others out in the garage and then the rest to the landfill.

Saturday we met Betty and Randy over at moms and i took everything out of my truck and had to remove the fifth wheel hitch. I have not taken it out before and I found out pretty quick that it is very heavy!. I got it wrestled down to the ground and put it in the garage with my generators and other things I had in the back. Once the truck bed was cleaned out I was able to load it back up with all the debris for the landfill. Now one of the rules here is that you have to cover any trash that you take to the landfill. I presume that is so you do not lose anything as you are transporting it. Now I have a sliding truck bed cover so we needed to get everything as flat as we could so I can still slide the cover shut. Luckily we just barely were able to close it.

We we finished up at the landfill we went back to moms to try to straighten a tree that is planted in her front yard. Betty had bought a big landscaping pole that is used to pound into the ground to tie the tree to. The tree has not quite have its roots set so we could still pull it back. I parked the truck as close as I could and hooked up a couple of straps and my cable wench and pulled the tree upright. Then I had to stand on a step ladder to pound in the landscaping pole about four feet into the ground with a sledge hammer. Whew! that was fun. Anyway we got the tree tied off and it is now sitting upright like it should.

After a long day Betty invited us over to her house for some grilled hamburgers. How could we refuse! During the evening we sampled different wines and enjoyed the evening. The yawns started coming pretty fast so we finally headed back to the rig.

Sunday my plan was to watch football. Last Sunday I missed the Chiefs game because it was blacked out on NFL Sunday Ticket. Since we are based in South Dakota my CBS, Fox, ABC and NBC networks are based from the Madison area. Now I do not receive those stations because I have a waiver since we travel so they give me the east coast feeds which is out of New York. But since my address is South Dakota they tie my local stations to that area on paper only. So the South Dakota stations which i do not receive broadcasted the Chiefs game locally in Madison which caused NFL Sunday Ticket to black out the game on the NFL Sunday Ticket channels because supposedly I could receive them from my local channels.

Confused yet! Bottom line is I could not get the game last week. Now this week the Chiefs game was not being broadcasted in SD so I was going to be able to watch it. Now, 10 minutes before the game is suppose to start the RV park looses all power. Sheesh! So I pulled out one of our generators and got it hooked up and running and had the power just in time for kickoff. We watched the first half on generator power then at halftime the park power was back on and I was able to switch back to the RV park power. Sometime watching football can be an exhausting endeavor!

The Chiefs pulled out an ugly win in overtime.I needed to calm down from that game so we hopped on the bike (Max literally hops) and we went to check up on mom. We spent a few hours there and then headed back to the rig to cook up some flat iron steaks and to see if we would have any trick or treater’s come through the park. We didn’t have any so Max and I went inside and watched a movie and nibbled on the candy.

I will leave you with a picture that my son took of Emma in her lion costume.



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