Friday, November 5, 2010

Baby Steps

This week Max had her Dr. appointment on Wednesday.  The Dr. took an x-ray and reviewed the progress. He told her it all still looked good and that over the next two weeks she can wean herself off the crutches then the leg splint. This was of course all she needed to hear and by the time I got her home she was putting some weight on the leg and was making a few baby steps. By Thursday night she even peg legged it up the RV inside steps to the bedroom. So far so good and hopefully in two more weeks she will be able to bend the leg enough so she can ride the motorcycle long distances. The Dr. still has not ruled out surgery for the meniscus cartilage but he will do some more tests when she can move her leg 90 degrees and can straighten it out fully extended So she is slowly walking a few steps without crutches and is getting a little stringer each day.

This week we also decided to purchase a Thousand Trails Camping membership. We found one on E-Bay and are in the process of getting the membership transferred into our name. This will be a lifetime membership that will allow us to spend 21 days at each Thousand Trails resort. There is not a nightly fee only the yearly dues but with a couple of stays it will more than pay for itself. It will come in real handy when we take our trip up the California coast and up into Oregon and Washington. There are a lot of Thousand Trails resorts along the way and we will be able to save some money along the way. Also we will probably winter in the Palm Springs area for the next couple of winters. Plus when we are back in Indiana there are a few in the southern part of the state that we can go to and a few in southern Michigan. We will be able to drift from park to park with no nightly fees and still be within a few hours of the kids and grandkids. So by using this membership and our Coast to Coast Membership we can really cut down on our nightly fees.

With Maxine still mending we are not getting to see much of Arizona. We are both getting hitch itch pretty bad and so we are starting to plan our journey back to Indiana along the southern states. We will leave here on Jan 1st provided Max is able to ride the wing at that time. We will have to travel 200 miles a week in order to make it to Emma’s first birthday on April 1st. We plan on making stops in Tombstone, Carlsbad NM, San Antonio TX, Houston Tx and then hopefully shoot across to Pensacola Fl by the third week in March to see my sister and her husband, then quickly get up to Indiana. This is still a rough plan and is subject to change :>) We are getting closer to being able to explore the Phoenix area a little better now that Max is starting to put some weight on her leg. Another two weeks and she will probably be able to go for short walks several times a day and by Thanksgiving I bet she will be able to take a easy hike or two..

This Sunday the Chiefs game will be blacked out again for me and it happens to be a game against the Raiders. So we will probably have to find a sports bar somewhere that will show it. But Betty and Randy may decide that they want to do another road trip and I will just have to miss the game.

Next week mom has several Dr appointments that we need to take her to and we still have a few unfinished projects to work on at her house. The weather here has been really good with the temps in the day still hitting 90 to 93 and getting down to the low 60’s at night. Max and I spend almost every evening outside the RV talking and planning our next moves and just enjoying the weather. Oh, and an occasional glass or two of wine (medicinal purposes of course ;>))


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Anonymous said...

Happy B-day Max!!! Next time Dave kicks you, take your crutch and whack him over the head!!!

Dave, E-mail me and I'll help you to be able to watch ALL of the Chiefs games!

Take care! Love ya'll!

The Hollywoods