Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Running Up The Score! Puleeeese!

Saturday we spent most of the day at moms. Betty installed some linoleum tiles in the utility room and I finished up the cabinet install and put a work table top on the craft table. Mom now should have plenty of room to get her crafts out and organized. Next Saturday Betty wants to install a backsplash behind the utility sink.  We were finished around 5:00 so we made our way back home and watched some TV before calling it a night.

Sunday we spent the afternoon and evening with Betty and Randy. We went to an electronics store called Fry’s, so they could get a new printer. Now, this electronics store is like no other we have ever been in. It is larger than a Super Wal-mart and it even has a cafeteria in the middle of it. Lets see… geeky things and food all in one place! I could have spent hours there looking around and then coming up for food and then spending a few more hours. But with Max hobbling around and being with Betty and Randy I held in my enthusiasm. I will be going back before we leave the Phoenix area. Even though I do not have the room to buy a 80 inch big screen or need anything, I just like to look at all the new technology. Something about starring at a 100 foot wall full of TV’s, all showing the same thing mesmerizes me. Anyway, after we got the printer we headed to the grocery store and so Betty could get some weekly groceries. Then we headed back to her house and visited while she prepared a salad and some steaks on the grill for dinner. If they keep feeding us like this I will need to talk to them about putting in an RV pad for us.

I could not watch the Chiefs game due to the blackout issue so I just waited and checked the score when I thought the game was over. The Chiefs took a pounding from Denver. The score was 49 to 29. I was kind of glad we did not go to a sports bar and spend 50 bucks while watching a butt whipping. I later read that the Chiefs Coach Todd Haley snubbed the Denver coach by not shaking hands after the game. Not very sportsman like at all. Some say it was because Denver ran the score up by not pulling out some of their starters. Puuuleeese! This is not Pop Warner football. These guy’s  get paid huge sums of money to play. If they can not stop an offense then the defense did not do their job. You play to win period.  

On Monday Max had another follow up Dr. appointment for her leg. This time we saw the Dr’s P.A. The appointment went well and the P.A. told Max that she can start active physical therapy, meaning resistance training, bicycling etc… I will get her bike ready and we will start out slowly and ride a little ways on flat ground until she builds up her strength. She was able to slowly walk around the small campground loop with me one time. She is making progress but surgery has not been totally eliminated yet. Still crossing our fingers on that subject.

She thinks she is ready to ride further on the motorcycle so on Wednesday we are planning a lunch ride to Tortilla Flats, population 6. It is a touristy little town about 60 miles away and should be a good test on her endurance. Our plan for Tuesday is to ride the bicycle a little ways and to try and have a Skype session with the grandkids this evening. Other than that we will see what develops.

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