Saturday, November 13, 2010

Same Ole Same Ole

The last few days have been pretty much carbon copies of each other . Maxine is starting to walk without her crutches and leg brace but she can not go to far without resting. Wednesday we took mom to her follow up appointment from her surgery and Max was able to limp to and from the car pretty good. Mom’s appointment went well and the Dr. released her so she could now start driving herself. So for now she can get out a little more and get to her own appointments until her next surgery which is now tentatively scheduled for Nov 30th. Then they will do the left side of her neck.

Thursday we went and bought some groceries and got them home, then we decided to take a bike ride to a restaurant in Chandler Arizona which is just to the southeast of Phoenix. We picked this restaurant from a Google search looking for crab legs. It was called Pacific Seafood Buffet. Now, we were hoping that it was a real seafood buffet, but we were disappointed when we walked in that it was really a Chinese buffet with a few seafood items. It was not the best, but they did have some frog legs and some crawfish to keep me happy.

We got home and I called David to see how he and Beth and the grandkids are doing. I am really missing those little guys. It is fun talking to them on the phone because they do not have much phone experience yet and sometimes they will just hang up. Last night Blake asked me when we were coming back. I told him for a weekend in April then the whole month of May. He said that he wanted to spend the night, the “WHOLE MONTH” of May. I told him that he could spend a weekend or so with us in May, but after school was out that grandma and I would take him and Gage for two weeks to go camping. 

I have been feeling a little guilty lately for not being around the grandkids, but I remind myself that this is normal and part of the trade off we have to have to be able to live this lifestyle. This does not mean I have to get use to it however. Maxine and I  have our moments and that is normal. I will really start to miss them as we start the holiday season, we will have to do more Skype sessions so we can see them at least.

Friday  morning I washed the motorcycle while Max did the monthly financials. I think I got the better job! We put a roast in the crock pot and it cooked the rest of the day while we took a bike trip to Camping World store in Mesa. We needed to buy another bicycle rack to carry our bikes. The one we have now fits over our rear ladder on the back of the RV. We can no longer use that one because I bought an 8 foot step ladder to use cleaning the rig and I will need to carry it on the rear ladder of the RV. The new bike rack I wanted to get will hold the bikes upright and will not require any straps to hold them in place. Here is a picture of it.


It will fit in the 2 inch receiver hitch on the back of the rig and then I can hang the step ladder on the RV ladder. Also another plus is I do not have the 6 foot step ladder in the RV basement anymore so that will free up some space. While at Camping World we also bought a mountain directory that shows all the mountain passes and roads which will come in handy when researching which route we will take. We also bought a small propane stove so we can use it outside for various cooking to compliment the grill. Mainly for Max to make tacos with. We do not really want to do any deep frying inside the RV. I would say we would use it for fish fry’s but I would actually have to catch fish for that to happen :>)

Too much sunshine to be inside for too long. Saturday we will work a little at moms then who knows what we will do the rest of the weekend.  The Chiefs/Denver game is blacked out again this week so I am not sure if I will get to see it or not. We will see what develops for Sunday.

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