Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekend Puttering

Last Friday we just stayed around the rig and I put together our bike rack we bought at Camping World last week. It was a pretty simple job and I got it hooked up to the back of the RV to see how it would fit. Also I needed to check if the loaded bike would interfere with the RV ladder. It does!. I knew that this would probably be the case and that I would need to buy a 18 inch extension for the hitch.  This would allow the bike to be farther rearward to clear the RV ladder. I wanted to make sure I needed it before I bought one. Hopefully I can find one locally without having to order one off the net.

Saturday we worked around moms house for a couple of hour’s then we went with mom out to dinner. We then came home and spent the evening watching a couple of movies I picked up from Red box.  We watched Ironman 2 and a movie called Journey to Promethia. I have not had a very good track record of picking out movies and these did not help my record at all. It was still a nice quite evening relaxing at home.

Sunday it rained off and on all day. It was only the 2nd time it has rained here in the 2 months we have been here. I watched the Chiefs game and Max read and did some exercise’s. She has been over doing it a little bit on the exercise and has been having a lot of pain by the time evening comes. She is going to start backing off of some of it for awhile. She does not have her next appointment until Dec 13th. Our concern is if she still has to have surgery then we want to be able to schedule it before the end of the year since we will probably meet our deductable requirements and do not want to have to pay them again after the first of the year. There may not be enough time left to schedule it. Hopefully she will not need any surgery.

In the afternoon Betty and Randy came by and picked us up and took us on a tour of Camel Back Mountain, Scottsdale and other upscale area’s of Phoenix. The southwest architecture is very pretty and some of these homes the way that they are set back into the mountain landscape is breath taking. Of course I left my camera back on the table at home so I could not get any pictures. After the touring we had dinner at a restaurant called the Elephant Bar. It is a cross between Chinese and Polynesian food. Very good!

After dinner we went back to their house and visited for a couple of hours. Since they both have to work we called it a night and came home and watched a little TV before bedtime.

Monday our plan is to start our Christmas shopping by heading to a couple of stores. Hopefully we can avoid the crowds on a weekday but we are in Arizona and at this time of the year all of the snowbirds like us are here. It’s crowded everywhere!


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