Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

We hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving holiday. We spent the afternoon over at Betty and Randy’s where Betty outdone herself as usual cooking dinner. We had a nice enjoyable day visiting and eating and just being thankful.

Our plans for this week is to keep working on getting Maxine stronger and getting ready for mom’s next surgery which is suppose to be next Tuesday. Hopefully things will go a little bit smoother.

We did not get up and out for any of the “Black Friday” sales. Mainly because we have chosen to simplify our lives by living this lifestyle and we do not need more “stuff” to chase after.  We are content in chasing the sun and developing a better relationship with both each other and with our natural surroundings. We are both thankful for our family and friends and are truly blessed to be able to live this dream.

December is right around the corner and I am starting to get my priority list of things to do on the rig before we leave on Jan 1st. The weather has cooled down to the low 60’s during the day but will warm back up by next Wednesday. Then I need to get up on the roof and clean the roof off with some spic and span and then wash and wax the rig. I also will lubricate all the grease zerts on the hitch and axles and get all the tires inspected and aired up.  When we get back to Indiana I will need to inspect the brakes and repack the motorcycle cargo  trailer bearings so we do not have an issue like last year when they froze up.

I am looking forward to working on some of these items because it reminds me that we are getting ready to travel. I have a bad case of hitch itch and I am ready to see some of this great country and to get back to the kids in Indiana.

Now, back to getting Maxine in shape!


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