Monday, December 6, 2010

Getting Caught Up

We got mom home last Thursday and she is recovering nicely from the surgery. She still has an oxygen problem that they think is related to sleep apnea. She has to be on oxygen for the time being until they can do a sleep study. The scheduled that for Dec 27th. Hopefully that is what is causing the problem and they can treat it.

I spent Friday and Saturday finishing up some projects at moms. I put up some new light fixtures and a ceiling fan. I think now we are all done with the projects. Max and I got home Saturday night and we played some cards. We split two games and the watched a little TV before calling it a night.

Sunday we got caught up on the laundry and I watched the Chiefs game outside. The weather here is about 75 degrees, no wind and plenty of sun. It is real nice sitting out watching a football game in shorts and a t-shirt. I even had some left over ribs and pulled pork to eat during the game. It was like my own little tailgate party! Max does not get into as much as I do but she listens while she is doing other things. I came in at one point and she was actually mad at the bone headed decision the coach made. There is still hope to turn her into a super fan! ….It’s a process.

Sunday afternoon Betty called and invited us over to visit. They are working on their backyard Spa. They are building it themselves and are getting real close to having the bottom and sides poured. They have had to go back and fix some areas where the heavy rain they had here a couple of months ago caused a portion of the wall to collapse. They have to dig it back out and get the walls and floor poured before the next heavy rain.

They finished up what they wanted to get done for the day and then we grilled some steaks and veggies on the grill.  We visited the rest of the evening and then headed back home.

Our plans for this week are a little fluid. Max is waiting for a phone call to get her MRI scheduled. Hopefully they can get her in before her appointment on the 13th. We want to ride to Quartzsite to check out the boon docking there, plus get a nice motorcycle ride in. We also are going to try to wash and wax the RV this week. We are starting to get into our traveling mode but there are still a few unknowns to get decided before we can get fully into it. Right now we are still scheduled to leave here on Jan 1st but that may change if Max needs surgery. If she does then we will need to make some decisions. The best part is that this lifestyle is very flexible.

First thing this morning we are going to get caught up on groceries and check out some other stores where Max can get all of our vitamins and other things. Then we will be playing it by ear. See Ya!

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