Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hospitals Are Still Not Fun

Tuesday was Maxine’s mom’s surgery for her left side Carotid artery. The surgery went much smoother then the one on her right side. We spent the day and evening with her and then around 9:30 pm we called it a night to go home and mom could try to get some sleep.

We arrived back at the hospital around 9:00am expecting to take mom home. When we arrived the nurse told us that mom had a good night but when they took her oxygen off,  her oxygen level dropped. Normal resting levels should be between 92-95, she dropped to around 60. They were concerned about sending her home so they kept her overnight on Wednesday. The doctor wanted to do a different study overnight to check her levels.  She seems to be losing her levels when she sleeps so it may be a case of sleep apnea causing the levels to drop. So for now the plan is to send her home with oxygen and to have a sleep study done in about 3 weeks.

Also on Wednesday, Maxine’s orthopedic doctor called to tell her that he wanted to go ahead and do an MRI on her leg. We had mentioned to him that if she needed surgery that we would like to try to get it done before the year end due to our insurance deductable will have been met. So Max will get scheduled for an MRI within the next week or two. Max feels pretty good but her leg will occasionally lock up and not bend. At least the MRI will tell us for sure if she needs anything done or not.

So the last few days we have spent at the hospital and keeping mom company. Hospitals are still not fun, but this one does go out of their way to make patients and visitors as comfortable as they can. We should be able to get mom home on Thursday afternoon or early evening hopefully. In the meantime I will enjoy the free coffee and cookies.


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