Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Shopping and Shopping and Shopping

Shopping, Max and I both hate it. Luckily I am married to a woman where shopping is not a hobby. We only go when we have to. We needed to go and spend a day getting some things Max needed. We thought we would take advantage of being in the big city of Phoenix and bite the bullet and head to the Mall.

Now before Christmas, we avoided the Mall like the plague and would not go near it. Our thought process was that we could go after Christmas and not have the crowds. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong! It seems that I forgot about something called after Christmas sales. I think the crowds were bigger than what it would have been before Christmas.

Max had to get some womanly type garments and was not sure what she wanted. She was going to spend a considerable amount of time looking and deciding, and did not really want me around impatiently waiting and making any snide remarks. She knows me pretty well! I decided that we would just split up and I would walk the mall and just basically get lost for a few hours while she shopped.

Now I have not been into a mall for a long time and I walked the perimeter several times looking at the various stores. I spotted a Starbucks and headed that way. Now I have only been to a Starbucks once and that was through a drive through with someone else in the car wanting a coffee. I love coffee but just could never find myself taking a loan out to pay for a cup. Besides there are too many choices of things that I know nothing about. I decided to expand my horizons and went inside. The line of people was about 15 deep. No way was I going to wait in that line, but then I remembered that I needed to work on my patience skills and took my place in line. I had about 30 minutes to decide what I wanted and by the time I got up to the counter I still did not have a clue. So I just ordered what the person in front of me ordered. Now 30 minutes in line and spending this months diesel budget I waited another 20 minutes for the something something caramel mocha grande that i had ordered. I went out of the Starbucks and headed to the center of the mall to sit down and to enjoy this delightfully expensive concoction and people watch. I took one drink and just determined that it was just overpriced Miss Swiss hot chocolate. Oh well I had time to kill.

Max finished up her shopping after a few hours and she was pretty well worn out. She did well for herself and was able to get some good deals and saved some money. Unfortunately I think my hot chocolate nixed any real savings. We headed to  dinner at  Ajo Als, a Mexican restaurant that we really like, and it was close to the mall. After dinner we headed home and watched TV and called it a night.

Tuesday we had to go back out to a couple of health food stores where Max could stock up on some things we use. Some of the things are hard to find and when she finds them she stocks up on them until we can get back into a major city and can replenish. After that we went to have lunch at a Jersey Mikes Sub Shop. Max’s sister gave us a coupon for a one get one free sub. Very tasty!

We got back to the rig in the early afternoon and I decided to get all of my air pressures checked in all of the tires. It is suppose to rain the next couple of days so I decided to do it while the ground was dry. Counting all the vehicles and trailers, I have 14 tires. They all have pressure monitors on them so it takes me a little while to get them checked and recalibrated.

After dinner we went through our traveling schedule and tweaked it a little. We are going to spend a week or so in Benson but then we will only spend a night or two in Deming Nm. We want to get to lower elevations sooner for Jan and Feb.

Enjoy your day! 


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