Saturday, January 29, 2011

Enjoying The Park


I know, I am behind in updating the blog. No particular reason. Maybe I am relaxing just a little bit to much  We have been spending most of our time just walking and bike riding around the park during the day. Max’s knee is able to handle about 2 miles walking and about 4 riding the bike but that is about it. At night we have been going to the Activity Center to play cards, or work on puzzles.

Every Thursday night there is a jam session at the activity center so we decided to go check it out. There were about 12 talented individuals that played instruments and sang everything from country to gospel. It was fun entertainment and some of these folks can play pretty well.

We took an afternoon motorcycle ride to Hondo Texas to check out an Escapee Co-op park there. The co-op works similar to the one in Benson Arizona however the buy in is a lot lower. The winters here would be warmer than in Benson but I think the Benson park is a little nicer.

After our bike ride we went back to the clubhouse to play cards. We sat with a couple that have been married 64 years. He was a WW2 vet and he liked to talk about what he did during the war, working with radar and targeting enemy planes for our ground artillery. Fascinating!

This weekend there is a craft sale and flea market at the clubhouse so we may go check that out. We have a pork roast in the crock pot and I have a new book so today may be another relaxed day. We plan on getting into San Antonio and the Alamo next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Enjoy Your Day!

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