Sunday, January 23, 2011

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The last few days we have just been hanging around the park. We will take occasional walks or a bike ride during the afternoon. The weather has been cold at night but around 55 to 60 degrees during the day. Not as warm as we would like but better than what our family is getting in Indiana. We will probably have to head towards Yuma Arizona or Palm Springs next winter to have a warmer winter.

The park has had a couple of ice cream socials the last couple of days.  Since we are Goldwingers we had to up hold one of the basic rules that you never pass up on ice cream. Plus, it was only one dollar for three scoops!

Friday we went into Pipe Creek to get our mail at the post office that we had sent there. It was a box full of magazines, membership cards and medical bills from Max’s accident. Luckily we could pay the bills on line and get our points on our Master Card to boot. Technology is great!

The last few days we also have had a crazy Cardinal flying up and hitting the back window of the rig. He must see his reflection and thinking it is a rival male try’s to fight with it. The poor thing has to be bruised by now as many times he has flown into the glass.



Here I caught a Doe and the Cardinal at the same time.


Saturday night was casino night at the clubhouse and we went up to socialize and to try our hand at the games. They gave everyone $500 in chips and we would play at various tables for 25 minutes then rotate to another table. After several rotations the six people with the most chips won various prizes. Lest just say that I am glad it was play money, and I am glad that we do not go to casino’s very often.  Max came out a little ahead but just missed the 6th place prize. Dang it! I really wanted that electronic fly swatter!

Sunday will be football and more football.

Enjoy Your Day!


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