Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Last Day At Benson Arizona

Our last day here at the SKP Saguaro Co-op park was spent here at the park doing the laundry and getting some things ready to travel on Tuesday.

Max worked on the financials while I went to refill the propane tanks. Hopefully for the last time for awhile. We are burning about 40 pounds every four to five days. Several people and wizened veterans have told us that they do not use the main furnace in their rig. The factory furnaces are not very efficient and waste a lot of propane. They all use a stand alone catalytic or ceramic or brick type of heater. These heaters burn propane but are about 99.1 percent efficient. We may look into it to see if it fits our needs. If we are staying at a park for a week where the electric is not metered, we can use our heat pump if it is not to cold.

After lunch Max went to the club house and worked on a jigsaw puzzle that is a real challenge. There are no pieces with a straight edge. She has got it pretty far along and I know she wanted to finish it but we ran out of time. While she was doing that I watched a DVD from the clubhouse library. Since being so close to and visiting Tombstone I had to watch the movie Wyatt Earp with Kevin Costner. It was a good movie and followed along with the facts but it still had Hollywood’s embellishments all over it.

We had plans to go to dinner with the folks that we played cards with. We were to meet at 6:00pm to go to a local restaurant to have 25 cent wings and dollar beer. Now the clubhouse was also having a wing night for 50 cents but some of the ladies here said that the ones at the restaurant were better and a better price to boot. We met at six and went to the restaurant and were quickly told that the wing special was only during the football season and for Monday night football. Oh well, we can adapt. Max and I both had the BBQ Ribs, which were pretty good.

We went back to the clubhouse to play cards and Max worked on her puzzle for one last time. At Rv midnight we called it a night. We gave hugs and handshakes all around to this great group of people we met here. They truly made us feel welcome and we will definitely come back to this park.

Tuesday will just be a 170 mile drive down Interstate I-10 to Deming New Mexico. We will be staying at the SKP park there. We will only be there for two nights and then we will get through to the other side of El Paso Tx. before we stop for a few more days. Hopefully the lower elevation will help the temperatures rise a little.

Enjoy Your Day!

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