Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Layover in Deming New Mexico


We pulled out of Benson at around check out time of 11:00am.  The drive to Deming was about 170 miles so we had about three hours on the road. Max got bundled up and we headed east on highway 10.

The temperature was about 46 when we started and we actually climbed in elevation as we traveled east. Max got on the CB and told me that the temperature had dropped 5 degree’s. She was starting to get cold.  Even with the heated seats and grips you still get cold while riding with the wind blowing. She had her riding boots on but her feet were still pretty cold.

We stopped just outside of Deming to fuel up the bike and the truck. We both went inside where Max could get a hot chocolate and warm up a little.

Fuel cost for diesel has been around $3.35 a gallon. I am averaging between 7.5 to 8 miles to the gallon. According to the truck specs, I have a 38 gallon tank although I have never been able to get more than 32 gallons put into it. If diesel prices keep going up we will have to change our travel habits and only move every two weeks or so.

We arrived et the SKP Dream Catcher Rv park just off of highway 10. It is an Escapees park that also allows non members to stay here. With our membership it cost $12:50 a night plus metered electric. This is not a destination park but it is in a good location and will let us get through the El-Paso area without having to stop.  

We enjoyed the evening relaxing and watching TV. Max could not get warmed up so we turned on the fireplace and she had a couple of blankets wrapped around her. I may have to look at getting her some heated clothing from Gerbings to help keep her warm while riding.

Today we plan to get our grocery shopping done and spend one more night here in Deming. Then we will head to Sierra Blanca Texas on Thursday. It looks like Texas is having a cold spell there too. What makes us feel better is when we see on TV the snow and ice back east. Maybe a high of 50 isn’t so bad after all.

Enjoy Your Day!

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