Sunday, February 6, 2011

20 Degrees and Ice Cream

The last five days have been really cold, like everywhere else in the nation. At least we have not had any white stuff, however the roads did ice over. The campground has had several water pipes break due to the temps staying I the 20’s for so long. I am glad that I prepared and used the storage tanks for water.

Everyone in the park has pretty much just stayed inside their rigs waiting for a break in the weather. One thing that brings everyone out regardless is the Ice Cream Social that they have several times a week. Us included! It is a good value and everyone seems to enjoy it even though it is really cold outside.

The clubhouse is having a super bowl party on Sunday and will have snack tray’s all set up. We will go to enjoy the festivities. I am a little bummed out because back when we had our sticks and bricks house we always hosted a party with all of our friends from our motorcycle club. I do miss those parties and the fun that we had.

We are planning on leaving Lakehills on Monday. We will be going to the Colorado River Thousand Trails park in Columbus Tx. Just west of Houston. Hopefully the weather will warm up enough so I can get the Sea Eagle kayak out and float the river. We need to get more active but we have just not had the warm weather since we left Phoenix.

We will spend the rest of Feb at the Colorado River resort and then will make a 4 day run to the Fort Pickens campground on the Gulf Shores in Pensacola to see my sister and her husband. We are looking forward to it. It seems like the only time we get to see each other is at funerals. So getting to visit under happier times will be great.

Now my football prediction…….Someone will win!

Enjoy Your Day!

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