Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Last Day at Medina Lake


Sunday was our last day at the Thousand Trails Medina Lake Resort. Our first Thousand Trails park that we have stayed at since becoming members. We really liked the park for the spacious sites and the friendliness of the people that were there.

The local deer population is fun to watch and having them so close is fun to watch their behavior. One of the down sides is that there are so many deer, that deer excrement is around everywhere. They really do need to transplant the herd.

They had the Super bowl party at the activity center and the park had put out all kinds of finger foods. Max and I got some pretty good seats and enjoyed the food and the game. At halftime I wanted to watch the second have back in my comfy recliner so I went back to the rig. Max stayed at the clubhouse to work on a puzzle and listened to the game.

Monday we got up and went into our traveling mode and started getting things packed for moving day. We only had about 190 miles to travel and our checkout time was not until noon so we took our time. We got on the road right at 12:05.

We headed east on I-10 and made it to Columbus around 4:30. We got checked in and then parked the rig and took the motorcycle around the campground to look for the best site for us. We found one that is close to the river and by some 200 year old Pecan trees. The spot we have will have full sun, which after that cold spell we want all the sun we can get. After getting set up it was dinner time. We decided to check out a Mexican restaurant in town so headed back into town. We ate at the Los Cabos Mexican Grill. They had a full service bar so we even splurged for a few drinks. The food was pretty good and the atmosphere was really nice.

We are about 60 miles outside of Houston and do not really have any plans to go there as yet. Although I might find something shiny there, I am keeping our options open.

The one thing that I want to do while we are here, is get our Sea Eagle kayak out and float the Colorado river. There is about a 10 mile run we can take, starting at the campground and ending at a city park in Columbus. We can leave the bike with the trailer at the city park , then come back and launch at the campground and float down river then bring the bike back.  The river has a nice slow current and a couple of class one rapids. Perfect for our first river run without a guide. The temps are supposed to get to 70 degrees by this weekend so I will try to pick the warmest day for this trip.

Now it is time for the weekly laundry, bills and groceries. There is a Wal-Mart in town but it is not a Super Wal-Mart. They do not have any groceries. There is a H.E.B. grocery store next door. We will probably go there since it is closer than going in towards Houston. So for now we are getting settled in.

Enjoy Your Day!


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