Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Weekend Laziness

This last weekend we did not do too much. I wouldn’t want to “over do it” you know! We spent Saturday enjoying the park  and walked along the pecan trees. There are still some good pecans laying about but you have to search for them. I was okay doing that for about 5 minutes until I saw something shiny elsewhere. Max has the patience and could hunt them for hours. She found a couple of pockets full and took them back to the rig for cracking later.

Sunday we watched the Daytona 500 pre race and then the race. I think it is the first time I actually watched a race all the way through. I do not know very much about Nascar but now that I have time to watch I am going to try to watch and learn more this year. I do not have a favorite driver as yet but now that I watched the 20 year old kid, Trevor Bayne qualify and even win his first start at the 500, and the way he handled himself with the press I was impressed with the kid and will try to follow his career.

Monday and Tuesday we got caught up with the groceries, laundry and the bills.  Wednesday, we plan on going to a local brewery in Shriner Texas to see how Shriner beer is made. Oh! They also give free samples, nuff said!

Enjoy Your Day!

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