Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hidden Cove, Arley Alabama

We left the Gulf Island National Seashore around 10:30 am on Thursday. I did have to cycle my front landing legs about three times to get them to stay up. We will eventually get them right. If we need to spend time in Goshen Indiana to get them fixed, then that is what we will do.

We decided to break up the 360 miles to our destination at the Hidden Cove Resort in Arley Alabama. We stopped for the night at what we thought was a Passport America campground just south of Montgomery. It seems that they stopped being Passport America, however they are still listed in the 2011 website directory. It was suppose to be $15 for the night but it ended up being $20. No big deal, it’s just that it is not that hard to be taken off of an active website directory. It is almost like like a bait and switch kind of thing. They did give us a cheaper rate than their normal rate of $30.00. So they say. Oh well we were ready to stop for the day and they did have really fast WiFi.

We took our time getting ready to leave on Friday morning. We only had about 140 miles to go and Max wanted the outside temps to rise a little more before she got on the motorcycle. I don’t blame her. Its hard to get warm again after being cold all day.

We stopped for lunch just on the north side of Birmingham, and made it to the Hidden Cove Resort just outside of Arley. It sits on a fairly good size lake that has some big Bass and Crappie’s in it. I may have to try my luck while we are here.

We are really off the grid here. No cell phone service or internet. . So we will have to drive into Arley every couple of days to check e-mail and update the blog at the local library.

The campsite we chose is on a small bluff overlooking the lake. It is an awesome spot where we can watch the bass boats go racing by. There are very few campers here right now. It should be a quiet week.

Since we live full time in campgrounds of various kinds, I am going to consider this 10 days of us actually camping. That means campfires, maybe even some marsh mellows. How did I come to this conclusion? No Phones, No Internet. We are roughing it! We do still have our sattilite TV so maybe roughing it is a little extreme.

Enjoy Your Day!

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