Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March 16th, 2011 Arley Alabama


We are really off of the grid here. We have to go into Arley in order to use the cell phone or get internet at the local library. Arley is about 5 miles from our campsite so we do not have to go to far to get wired back in.

It’s funny how addicted we get to cell and internet services or how our daily routines are affected by the lack thereof. Max updated our monthly financials and then we had to drive into town to pay accounts and download bank statements etc.. Not a big inconvenience for sure but still outside our normal routines. I can not keep up to date on the different blogs I read or get any of the e-mails wanting to keep me supplied in either Cialis or to refinance our mortgage.

Thankfully, I do not have a need for either, but my point is that we get conditioned to have the conveniences.  We still have our satellite TV, but we can only take so much of it.

Keeping plugged in is good, but it does not hurt to step away from it all from time to time (except during the football season). With all the depressing news, we take a break by reading, taking a walk and even skipping a few rocks in the lake in between keeping up with what is going on in the world.

The weather here has been a cool 60 degrees for the last few days. The forecast is much better with sun and 80 degrees by Friday. I thought about getting a fishing license while we were here but the water level on the lake is up about 5 feet after recent storms. I do not think the fish are in the coves yet for spawning and with the high water level do not think the fishing would be very good from the bank. Give it another two weeks here and the bass and crappie should move up and really start to bite.

There are very few people here, maybe 3 or 4 other campers. This is the place to recharge your batteries. I do miss the internet though, because I use it so much for planning our next move. Now I will need to go into town to do it instead of drinking my coffee and doing it from my own table. See, I am conditioned to a routine! I have to jump out of the box a little more.

We have had one campfire so far. Wood here is very expensive and hard to find. We found some at a local grocery store and bought two bundles. A bundle is about 5 sticks and cost about $6.00 per bundle.  I Don’t think we will have too many fires at that price. A fellow camper left some wood so we picked some of that up to supplement our meager stack. We will have one more fire and enjoy the Smore fixings we also bought.

We are looking forward to getting to Tennessee. We will leave here next Monday and get to the campground that is right along the Natchez Trace. We plan on staying there for about 18 days. We will leave the rig there and ride the motorcycle up to Indiana around April 1st to celebrate Emma’s first birthday and to see the kids and grandkids. Not sure what the weather will be like. Hopefully it will not be too cold. We will stay in Indiana for about 4 days, then head back to the Rif in Tennessee. Then we will head to a RV-Dreams rally in Sevierville Tennessee.

Here are a few pictures from the Hidden Cove campground here in Arley.

Max found her swing


Big deck on the point


View of the lake from the deck


Being unplugged is not all bad.

Enjoy Your Day!

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