Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter


Max and I would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter.


The day looks like a carbon copy of the last few days. Lots of rain! This week it is forecasted to rain every day. I think this will be a good test to see how well we get along being sequestered in the rig for so long. So far so good!

We tried to get a bicycle ride around the campground yesterday between the rain showers. We made it to the far end and then it poured.

We got pretty drenched and took cover under an awning that was out. There was no one home, but I am sure that they would not have minded. Rvers are a great bunch of people. It finally went from a downpour to a light sprinkle and we rode the rest of the way back. We had to change clothes and dry off.

Today we will try to get some bicycling in if we can keep dry. Maxine and I both need to get moving more. Right now I can not walk too far so hiking is not in the near future. My ankle and leg is doing a little better and I think the bicycling will help it a lot. We eventually need to get back to the 4 mile walks everyday. It does not help with all of the Easter candy that just seems to jump into our grocery cart as we pass by.

Enjoy Your Day!



Phil and Rudee said...

wanted to see of you guys were going to Spring Wing Warm Up in Greensburg. Rudee and I are going and will most likely be camping at Hidden Paradise in St. Paul In.

Dave said...

Phil, I wish we were, but since we have been out of the area for the last year we are catching up on doctor and dental visits in May. Plus we have to take the rig in for some work before the warranty runs out up in LaGrange.

Mike and Terri said...

Somehow Easter candy seems to jump into our cart too. In fact, now that it's half price it seems to sprint down the aisle and take a flying leap into the cart!!