Saturday, April 23, 2011

Good Friday Visit

Friday morning it was another cool, cloudy, and damp morning. We lazed around all morning and did not have any plans for the day.

A little after noon we had a knock on the door. Our friends from Huntington (Ralph and Rose) that have a park model here in the campground had come down for the weekend. They stopped by to let us know that they were here. What a great surprise!

They came inside and we visited for awhile and caught up with what they have been up to the last year. They asked us if we wanted to come to their place later for steaks on the grill. Ummm Okay!

They still had to go back into town and get some things to stock up for their weekend so we made plans to meet later that afternoon.

Later that afternoon we headed over to their park model. It has a nice big screened in porch in front of it. Ralph had a patio heater turned on and the temperature was perfect inside.


Ralph grilling the steaks


Rose and Max chatting


Steaks, Baked Potato, Hot Rolls, Corn, Deviled Eggs, Fresh Strawberries, Salad, With the grin on Ralphs face I say he was ready to eat.


We sampled various wines and had a very relaxed evening catching up with them. They are in the process of building a retirement home down in Florida. They will spend winters down there and then the summers back in Indiana. Thanks Ralph and Rose for a great dinner.

When we got home we checked the weather and more storms were scheduled to come back through during the night. I was awakened around 1:00am with thunder, lightening and heavy rain. I got up and checked the radar on the internet. There were no tornado watches or anything so I just went back to bed and covered my head. Why is it that the storms always come at 1:00 am when I am in the deepest sleep?

Enjoy Your Day!


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