Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pre Rally Fun & Motorcycle Rides


Since arriving here at the River Plantation RV Park, we have been meeting so many nice people. It is very hard to remember everyone’s names. Thankfully there will be nametags starting on Tuesday.

There are several other Mobile Suite owners here and it is giving us a chance to compare notes some more. One couple just picked up their new 2011 model and brought it here for the rally. This is their first week of fulltiming. They have the same model as ours so they invited us to see the inside, and we jumped at the chance. Their unit has the Cherry interior and is just beautiful. The changes for the 2011 model are really nice and a few of them I would not mind at all of incorporating into our rig at some point.We visited for awhile and also gave them a tour of our rig.

Early Sunday morning we had a knock on our door and a gentleman asked us if we wanted to go on a group motorcycle ride. Of course we would! We were to meet at the office at 9:45 and then head out into the foothills of the Smoky Mountains.

We met and made introductions and got kickstands up right around 10:00am. Steve our ride leader, took us around the foothills of the Smokies and along the Foothills Parkway.

Here is our group


The ladies (Maxine,Joan,Beverly,Debbie)DSC_0008

The guy’s (Dave,JC,Steve,Jim)DSC_0010

The weather was just perfect and we just took it nice and easy and enjoyed the scenery. The trees and flowers are really starting to bloom.

We stopped for lunch at place called the Apple House Restaurant. They have their own orchard and make their own apple butter, apple sauce and other jams and jellies. They also sell some fresh produce.


After lunch we rode for about another hour and found ourselves this nice little covered bridge. What a beautiful stop with the river flowing underneath.


We rode for yet another hour and then made our way back to the campground. In the evening we all met at Howard and Linda’s site and started meeting the rally participants that have arrived so far. I am really going to need those name tags!

We made plans to ride again weather permitting on Monday and to invite a few more riders that came in. We would leave earlier and ride to Deals Gap.

We met at the office and the plan was to ride a little ways then stop for breakfast and then fuel up and ride to Deals Gap and then back through the national park and then back to the campground.

Deals Gap is a stretch of highway 129 that has 311 curves in 11 miles. It is a mecca for motorcyclist that come here to “Conquer The Dragon”. Maxine and I have been here and have rode the “Dragon” many times. It is always fun.

Our Monday riding group

(Max, Tricia& Dan, Steve & Joan, Jim & Deb)DSC_0011

Some pictures along the way.




We “Conquered The Dragon”


We had a great day and made some great new friends. We ended up the evening relaxing and meeting other RV Dreamers. The rally starts on Tuesday and is packed full of seminars and events for the next six days. All indications are that this is going to be a very fun week!

Enjoy Your Day!

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Claudio Mccarty said...

Looks like you all had so much fun! I’m guessing it’s the group motorcycle ride that you enjoyed the most. Who wouldn’t enjoy riding a motorcycle with new friends and race against each other, right? The views along the way are beautiful; I particularly like the pristine and quiet lake with lush mountains around.