Sunday, April 10, 2011

Last Few Day’s In Hohenwald And Travel Day To Sevierville

Wednesday I got the bike cleaned up and the front of the fifth wheel cleaned from all the bugs. I am just going to have to do it all again come Saturday. I like to try to keep everything wiped down as much as I can. Unfortunately this last move it was either wet, cold or I was just lazy.

Maxine got last months financials squared away. It is amazing when you start tracking your finances, that you really find out where the money goes. Our biggest cost is diesel, then eating out, and then sometimes that is reversed. We need to eat more at home but the temptation to try out a local restaurant is just too much. We can not control the diesel cost too much but we can try to control the dining out cost. But where is the fun in that!

There was another Mobile Suites fifth wheel that pulled into the campground, so Max and I decided to go over and introduce ourselves. We knocked on the door and we were met by Harris and Jan Schultz. They are from the Sevierville area and travel often with their rig. They have the TK3 model which was on our short list when we ordered ours.

They are such a nice couple and they invited us to have hamburgers on the grill with them. They went way overboard and prepared quite the dinner. We enjoyed the next few hours getting to know each other and discussing similar issues with our rigs. After 9:00 we decided to call it a night since we were getting ready to travel the next morning. We said out goodbyes and headed back to the rig for the night.

Friday morning we got up and went through our travel routine. We got hitched up and Harris and Jan came over to say goodbye. It just so happened that I got to show Harris first hand my landing leg issue. The front legs would not stay up. I exercised them up and down about 5 times with no luck and then moved the bedroom slide in and out. That did not help either. Finally I exercised the front legs again and then they stayed up. What a pain! We said our goodbyes and was able to get on the road.

We made it to the River Plantation RV Park in Sevierville, TN at around 4:00pm. We got checked in and made it to our site. The site is long enough so we can park the truck and bike in front of the rig.

We briefly met Howard and Linda our hosts for the RV-Dreams Rally. We then walked around the campground getting to know where everything was. With the traveling we were pretty tired so we called it a night fairly early.

Saturday it was sunny but threatening storms all day. I took the time to wash the bike and the front of the rig. With the wind , the gravel dust, pollen and tree seedlings blowing so much the task was in vain.

While we were outside Howard came by and told us that a local theater was giving free tickets to an Oldies show to everyone in the campground. About 20 or so other RV-Dreamers were going to go, so we decided to join them.

The show was in part of a shopping strip mall so I had my doubts as to how good it would be. Surprisingly it was a pretty good show. It was a good chance for us to get to know some of the other Rver’s that are here for the rally. The show lasted until about 10:00pm. After the show everyone headed home to get some rest.

I think that this is going to be a real busy week getting to know people and the different activities that are planed. There are several other motorcyclists here so I know a group ride will be in the near future.

Enjoy Your Day!


FD5, Retired said...

As a fellow Dreamer you will have a great time. Tell Howard and Linda that John (FD5)and Bridget said Hi.

Stay Safe

Dave said...

Thanks John, We will give them your greetings!
Hope to see you down the road.