Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Travel Day-Back in Hooserville

Sunday night we, and the remaining RV-Dreamers sat around the campfire at Howard and Linda’s site. There were still a remarkable amount of people still in the park. Most people were going to leave on Monday. We visited for awhile and then gave our final hugs and “See Ya’s”.  Rv’ers never say goodbye.

This was our first rally and we met so many great people. We can not wait to meet up with them out on the road somewhere. It will happen, it is just a matter of time.

We had reservations until Tuesday but we decided to leave a day early to dodge some rain that was forecasted in the direction we were headed. We had about a 325 mile drive from Sevierville, Tennessee to Batesville Indiana.

This is a little more than we want to travel in a day, but we wanted to take advantage of the weather. Max can ride in the rain ok but it is not fun and there is no reason she needs to. She is happier dry, which in turn makes me happier!

The drive up highway 75 was not too bad. Max say’s she is ready to stay off of the interstates for awhile and ride the state highways. As much as possible that will be our plan going forward.

We stopped for lunch, gas and diesel just south of Lexington Ky. We ate at a Pizza Hut then got back on the road. We arrived in Batesville around 5:30pm and got checked in at the Thousand Trails, Indian Lakes Preserve.

The site we chose is out in the open with no shade. The reason we chose this is because I wanted to make sure we would get the satellite and it is still April in Indiana, and we want all of the sun we can get.

Right now it is raining with severe storms in the forecast. Looks like we made the right decision getting here a day early.

Tuesday we will be getting our finances caught up for the month and me keeping off my ankle as much as possible and iced down. It is feeling a little better so I am hopeful that it is just sprained. I will have to watch what I say around Max for awhile. I don’t move as fast now. Open-mouthed smile

Enjoy Your Day!



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