Friday, April 22, 2011

Stormy In Batesville

First off, Max and I want to welcome all of our new follower’s. Thanks for taking the time to read our blog. Now I just have to find interesting things to write about besides the weather. Open-mouthed smile

Monday night we were expecting to get some storms passing through. While doing our normal preparations we found out that we could not get a signal with our weather radio. It is just a Radio Shack brand NOAA radio, but it has come in handy as we have traveled around. This is not the first time we could not get a signal but the first time in tornado season.

Before going to bed we checked the weather radar on line and saw a huge system coming our way. I figured it would hit around 1:00 or 2:00am. The campground security said that if a tornado warning is issued that they would drive through the campground honking the horns and banging on doors. They also said that the safest building was the concrete bath house.

We went to bed and fell asleep. At around 1:00am the wind picked up and the rain was coming down hard. I was listening for any distant sirens from the closet towns and then I heard horns honking. I told Max to get dressed that we were going to head for the bath house.

As we were getting ready to vacate the rig, the campground security pulled into our site and told us that a tornado warning was issued and to go to the bath house.

The bath house is located on the far side of the loop that we are in. I wanted to drive the truck over to it but I had parked the motorcycle in front of the truck and it was covered up. We had no choice but to walk /run over to it. (another lessoned learned)

By the time we made it over there, we were soaking wet. The rest of the campground residents were there and we spent the next 45 minutes waiting for the storm to pass and visiting with our neighbors.

Luckily the tornado was north of us and we did not have any hail or high wind damage, just heavy rains. After the all clear, we hobbled back to the rig and dried off and went back to bed. Whew! Dodged another one.

Tuesday it was cold and rainy while Max updated our financials and I kept my ankle iced down and watched a little TV.

Wednesday was more of the same, light rain, 56 degrees. Another do nothing day. Which is a good thing. Finally we had some sun on Thursday and we ventured out and sat in the sun. Oh how we miss warm Tennessee right now.

Here is our site out in the open.


The activity center across the road from us


Lake with cabins for rent


Not crowded at this time of year


This is a big park with a lot of permanent sites. There are a lot of sites with just electric and water that is back in the tall trees.

There is a state park within 20 mile of us where we could go hiking but I could not do it right now anyway. Besides it is too muddy after all the rain.

We are expecting more severe storms today on Friday so we will stick close to home. Nothing like spring in Indiana!

Enjoy Your Day!

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Laurie and George said...

Beautiful site you have there! Glad that despite the inconvenience, the tornado didn't get close.