Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dinosaurs, Crabs and Ice Cream

The last couple of day’s we have been dodging rain showers but the temperatures were in the mid 80’s. We will take it any day.

Friday, I worked on getting our wine glass holder re-installed under one of our shelves. It had been secured with a few wood screws but the glasses act as a wedge and was pulling the screws loose. Yes, I have a loose screw, but that is another story.

I decided to bolt the wooden rack through the shelf and counter sink the heads of the bolts, so they will not get in the way of the dishes on top. I got everything bolted up and it looks pretty good. I could not get the exact length of bolts so I will have to cut them off so they will not show.

In the afternoon we went to our youngest grandsons kindergarten class to learn about dinosaurs. There, we were shown what the kids have been learning about dinosaurs and how paleontologists find and dig for  the fossils.

It was amazing to see how far Gage has come since we last saw him. His reading and math skills are very high. He must get his smarts from grandma and his dashing good looks from me…just sayin.

We left Gages school and headed to Decatur Indiana for dinner. It was about a 45 minute motorcycle ride. The restaurant there is called the Back 40 Junction. It has a nice atmosphere inside and has a lot of memorabilia from Decatur and Ft. Wayne’s early day’s. On Friday nights they have a crab leg buffet. Anytime we want crab legs this is where we end up.

On the way back home we stopped at a Redbox and rented a couple of movies. Inception, and the Tourist. Both were pretty good. I think we finally made it to bed around midnight. 

Saturday we had our maintenance day for our motorcycle chapter. We met at a local restaurant for breakfast, then headed over to a members garage to do maintenance on our Goldwing.

I changed the oil in the Goldwing and re-packed the wheel bearings in the cargo trailer. While I was doing that, Max was cleaning the wheels. Thanks sweetie!


When everyone finished up on their maintenance items we took a ride to Ivanhoe’s in Upland Indiana. Ivanhoe’s is a small restaurant that serves both food and Ice cream. Everyone goes for the ice cream.

Their menu has 100 Sunday’s and 100 Shakes. It is not unusual to have a very long line waiting. We have been going there for the last 15 years or so. We have never been disappointed. But ice cream anywhere has never disappointed me!

We made it back home just as the rain started falling. It then rained very hard for several hours, then off and on for the rest of the night. The farmers are having a really tough time getting in the fields this year.

Sunday we are taking the rig up to LaGrange Indiana to have some work done on the rig before our warranty runs out next month.

We will stay overnight in the repair facilities parking lot until all the repairs are made. Tuesday we have a tour scheduled at the factory where our rig was made. We want to go back through and look how they are built again. We have a few questions now that we have lived in ours for the last year.

We are not sure how long we will be up there getting things fixed. Hopefully only a couple of days, but we want to make sure everything is right.

Enjoy Your Day!

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Mike and Terri said...

Ivanhoe's hmmmm? That place is definitely going on the list of places we're gonna have to check out sometime!