Friday, May 6, 2011

This and That

That is what we have been doing this first week back home, a little of this and that. Tuesday I went and had the oil and filter changed in the truck while Max worked on May’s upcoming bills that were due this month.

We renewed our Escapee’s membership and paid the insurance for the motorcycle for the next year. Next month is the big insurance payment for the truck and fifth wheel. Max will need a lot of chocolate when she writes that check Open-mouthed smile)

On Wednesday we hung out in the rig and then that evening went to Lowes to buy some wood for a project in the rig. Then we went over to Dave Jr’s to see him and Beth and the grand boy's, Blake and Gage. We visited for awhile and then found out that on Thursday morning at their school was their annual “Donuts and Dad’s” event in the cafeteria. I went last year and since we happened to be back in town I wanted to go with them again this year. It was fun and the boy’s were able to show me their class rooms and we enjoyed the donuts for sure!

Thursday afternoon we washed the truck. That job wears us out by the time we get it washed and waxed.

After the truck was clean we worked on our cabinet project. We have a couple of corner cabinets where Maxine wants to put books. The cabinets are real deep. Max saw a great idea from our new friends Dan and Tricia whom we met at the RV-Dreams Rally. The divider allows us to hide the books behind the panel, yet we still have plenty of room in front of the panel to display my Chiefs memorabilia. Thanks Dan and Tricia for the great idea!

We use to store the books under our sofa, but we decided to take the sofa out and in it’s place put our elliptical machine that we have had stored since we went on the road. We really need to exercise. Between Max’s bad knees and my weight, we figured that the elliptical machine would be better for us than a couch that we never sat in. Hopefully we will make the swap on Monday when my youngest son is off work and can help me with the heavy lifting.

I took a few pictures from around our campground. This is a small park with a couple of small lakes to fish and swim. It is very quiet and works great for us because the kids are only about 4 or 5 miles away.

We are backed up to a corn field, so we are in the open. There is usually a pretty good breeze so our awning does not come out much.


The biggest lake and a nice fishing pier



Some other sites in the trees with a few pull thru’sDSC_0083

Some Tulips in bloom at a neighbors seasonal site.



A Killdeer acting hurt to lure me away from her eggs.


Her eggs. Fellow campers put firewood around her eggs since she laid them on the edge of the road. Hopefully no one will run over them.


I like this robin (I think) hunkered down and I can just see her eye watching me.


Red Wing Blackbird nest with eggs. Mamma was not happy with me getting so close. I will check back often so I can get pics of the babies.


Friday morning we got a phone call from our son David. Beth had car trouble and he wanted to see if we could go get her and see about the car. He was at work and they both have finals today at school at 1:00pm. Of course we would.

We found Beth and we determined that she indeed just broke the serpentine belt like David had thought. We got her home okay so she could study and get ready for her finals. Max and I went to breakfast then to the auto parts store and picked up a belt.

We went back to Beth’s car and after a little bit of frustration was able to get the new belt back in place. We had a tough time getting the tensioner to move enough to allow us enough slack to get the belt on all of the pulley’s. Finally we were able to get it to slip on. We then took the car back to their house. Luckily the weather held up nice and we did not have any rain.

It is suppose to rain this weekend and we want to have the grand boy's come over to fish and camp with us on Saturday. We will make that call Saturday morning to see how it looks.

Enjoy Your Day!

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Mike and Terri said...

The tulips are beautiful -- a sure sign of spring!