Monday, May 9, 2011

Time With The Grandkids

Saturday we picked Blake and Gage up around 3:00pm. They are 8 and 6 years old and have missed us greatly the last nine months that we have been away from the area.

It was raining off and on Saturday evening so we spent it playing yahtzee and watching a little TV. It is amazing how much they have learned since the last time we have played any games with them.

After our yahtzee game the rain had stopped, so we walked down to the playground. It was pretty muddy and wet so they could not play on everything very well.

Later in the evening we just relaxed and the boys got their revenge on grandpa for winning the yahtzee game by decimating me on the Nintendo DS gameboy. You would think that I could compete with a 6 year old on a Spongebob Squarepants racing game. Nope!

On Sunday I had rented a 14 foot row boat that the campground rents out, to take the boys out fishing. Blake has a new fishing pole and tackle box that he had gotten for Christmas. He was eager to try it out.

I got up early and made the boy’s pancakes for breakfast. We then got all of our gear and headed for the boat. We got stowed away and shoved off. Their was a little bit off an argument between the boys on who the captain of the ship was. Gage won that argument with the logic that he was sitting up front.

We tried our luck trying to catch Bass and Bluegill. We were not having much luck and the patience of the six year old did not last for long. After about an hour and a half we headed back to the rig for a break. (Grandpa needed more coffee)

Blake and I decided that we would go back out and try a little bit more. We got set up and I dropped anchor and started fishing again. He was more interested on what lures I had in my tackle box.


Somehow he ended up talking grandpa out of a bunch of lures. He felt that the bigger the better. After plundering through my box he found a crank bait that he wanted to try. I told him that I did not think it was the best choice but I would let him try it.


I was more concerned about the double treble hooks zinging around my head as he was learning to cast it. I told him that papaw did not need pierced ears!

After a couple of casts  he ended up getting a strike but it missed. Eventually he ended up landing a couple of very nice Crappie’s. He was very excited.


After fishing we went back to the rig and had lunch. Later in the afternoon our boy’s came by to visit Max for mothers day and to pick up the grandkids. It was a fun weekend spending time with the grandkids. Hope your Mothers Day weekend was fun as well.

Enjoy Your Day!

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Enjoy those special times with your grandkids!