Saturday, May 21, 2011

UGG! The Saga of Repairs Continue

It is now Saturday morning and it has been a long week. We had some repairs done at a small RV service center that is close to the factory where the rig was built. For the little things, the repairs were done ok. However for two of my major concerns the repair work was severely lacking.

We had a raised ridge in our linoleum floor and it was getting worse. The approved fix was to replace the linoleum with new linoleum tile. The 12 inch by 12 inch style. This tile is what the factory now installs instead of full linoleum.

Now we are not big fans of individual tile due to all of the seams that could become loose, let water get under etc... The upside is it is easier to replace individual tiles if one becomes damaged.

We agreed to have them change it because we felt that the existing ridge or crinkle would get worse over the long run. Besides we saw what the tile looked like on the new 2011 models and liked the looks.

I won’t go into all of the details but suffice it to say that the finished install is not the best. There are gaps in the seams, the lines are not straight, and it is not square to the door or wall. I am not convinced that the half empty beer can that was left in my sink did not contribute to the shoddy work. Now I am no prude. I like beer too. In fact I would have bought a bunch of it “AFTER” the repairs were made.

We also are having problems with our hydraulic landing legs. They will drop down on us after we raise them. This has been an issue since last October. We are getting closer to a resolution but we are not there yet.

We spent Wednesday and Thursday at the supplier of the hydraulic system working with their engineer. They are trying real hard to figure out the problem and have gotten some things resolved. They changed some valving and gave us a larger capacity reservoir tank that will solve part of it. We have to go back to Goshen next Wednesday to have the front legs changed to solve the rest of it.

While they were working on the issues I called the factory where our rig was made and talked to their quality and customer service people. I went over the problems of my recent service and  sent them pictures of the floor and reviewed our concerns. They were very accommodating and are going to set up an appointment for us at the factory to have the floor re-installed. That appointment will not be until August but al least we know they are going to make it right for us.

We made it back to Huntington Friday evening and got set up. Some friends of ours were at their camp site so Max and I walked over and enjoyed a campfire and got caught up with them. We visited until close to 11:00pm and then we headed back to get to bed.

Today we are going to pick the grand boys up and bring them to spend the night with us. We could use a little distraction right now.

Enjoy Your Day!


Mike and Terri said...

It's a shame the flooring didn't get fixed properly the first time, but it's good that the factory will make it right. Hopefully the landing leg issue will be resolved soon.

FD5, Retired said...

Just curious as to what company did the floor work so we don't use them in the future.

Stay Safe

Dave and Maxine- Wandering Wingers said...

Cross RV did the repair. They also said they had to move the island due to it not being square. We discovered the bottom of the end cabinet was pulled down and busted loose yesterday when we opened the cabinet. We will not use them again.

FD5, Retired said...

Wow, that was who we used and they did a great job on our 05, no flooring was involved. Thanks for the heads up.