Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Time With The Kids

This past weekend we had the grand boy’s over to spend the night with us. The weather held up and we did not have any rain to speak of so they were able to play at the playground.

We also did a little bank fishing. We did not catch anything but it was nice to see that Blake is learning to be patient. Saturday night we watched TV and relaxed.

Sunday morning I fixed the boy’s pancakes then we went fishing again. We still did not have any luck but it was fun just spending time with them.

Later in the afternoon Maxine took them on a short hike through the woods. I ended up taking a nap. Some how they talked us into going to Burger King for a late lunch.

David and Beth came by to pick up the boy’s and we were sitting outside visiting when I got a phone call from our youngest son Mike.

He was just down the county road from us and had been in a motorcycle accident. He said he was bleeding pretty good and wanted some help.

Max and I grabbed the first aid kit and explained to David and Beth what had happened’ They said that they would stay at the RV with the grand boy’s.

We got to Mike in a matter of minutes. We found him in a field sitting next to the motorcycle. He had blood all over his face from a gash across his nose. He nose looked broken but was hard to tell due to the bleeding. We had a wet cloth so we could clean the wound. The bleeding began to stop and the wound was closing itself up. He probably could use some stitches but he wanted to go home to clean up first, then make that decision.

He was not hurt anywhere else but he was concerned about the motorcycle. It was his father in-laws. Luckily there was no damage to the bike at all.

He was heading down the county road heading west. The sun was right in his eyes and he did not see the stop sign at a “T” intersection. He locked up the brakes and skidded but could not stop in time. He went through a small ditch and into the field. He said he just stood on the pegs like a dirt bike and tried to get over the ditch.

Unfortunately as he hit the ditch, he came down and hit the top of the windshield. The windshield causing the gash and the broken nose. He did not even drop the bike which was pretty amazing. So there was absolutely no damage to the bike. His wife and in-laws came and took him home to get cleaned up and tried to convince him to see a doctor. So far he has refused.

We went back to the RV to inform his brother David that all was well considering. Luckily there was not a car coming the other way when he missed the stop sign. We visited a little bit more with David and Beth then they took the kids home to get cleaned up before bedtime.

Later in the evening Mike came back by to show us that he was ok. He had his nose taped up and the black and blue was starting to set in. He was very lucky.

Tuesday we have dental appointments and then we will be heading back up to Goshen to have the front landing legs changed. Hopefully this will resolve the hydraulic issues once and for all.

We also have an appointment in August at the factory to have our floor replaced and the center island repaired from the shoddy work that was done last week. At least it is all covered under warranty.

Enjoy Your Day!


Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Yikes what a scare. Glad he was OK.

Mike and Terri said...

Thank goodness your son wasn't seriously hurt. Hope his bruising heals quickly.