Thursday, May 26, 2011

Where Does The Time Go?

Tuesday night we hooked up and drove the short 60 miles up to Goshen to be ready for our 8:00am Wednesday morning appointment at Lippert. They are going to replace the two front landing legs. This should be the last piece of the puzzle on getting the dropping legs issue resolved.

They finally got to us around 10:00am. Max and I had some things to get at Menards so we went shopping then stopped at a McDonalds to eat lunch and to use the free Wifi to kill some time. They called us around 1:00 pm and said we were done.

We made it back to the repair bay and got hitched up. We raised the front legs and they stayed up the first time. Hopefully this issue is behind us. We will find out when we move again on June 1st.

We made it back to Huntington just as another storm front was headed for us. We got backed in and unhitched, leveled up and plugged in just when it started to downpour. I waited for it to stop before I finished with the water and sewer hookups.

We had a stormy night as wave after wave of storms passed through the area. A few tornado warnings just to the south of us were issued. We thankfully  just had heavy rain. When we have storms and threatening weather, we put together a bug out bag with certain items that we want to take with us in case we have to head for a shelter.

We were to have another system come through around 1:00am. We pulled in two of the slides and kept the radar on the TV in the bedroom, and the weather alert  radio close by. We cat napped and was awakened several times with warnings but nothing close to us. Whew!

It is hard to believe that the month of May is almost over. May has been a very busy month. Between all of our doctor and dentist appointments and spending a week in a repair facility, we have not had much time to visit with family and friends.

We did get to enjoy our son’s graduation and spend a little time with our kids and grandkids. We plan on having a Memorial Day cook out with all of them on Monday.

We plan on leaving next Wednesday June 1st, and head to Clinton Indiana to the Thousand Trails Preserve, Horseshoe Lakes. We have never been there and are a little concerned about what we might find.

Their website says that they are open April through October, but do not have any water or electric until after Memorial Day, May 27th. It sounds like they may have done some remodeling of the campsites. I plan on giving them a call to find out. With all of the recent rains the sites may be a huge mud pit.

If the rains stop long enough between now and Monday, I plan on cleaning out the basement. I want to make room for a few of my small tools that I stored at my sons house. I like to do intarsia, scrollsawing and pen making.

Intarsia, is using different woods, cutting and shaping the pieces to create a design. Here is an angel that I did. It utilizes aspen, cherry and oak wood. You can either use stain or just use the natural wood color. That is what I did here.


Scrollsawing and Fretwork uses the scrollsaw’s capability to cut sharp corners and cut inside the piece. Here are a couple of portraits and another example of intarsia that I did a few years ago.


It is a fun hobby and I think I can bring it on the road with me. I just can not do some of the bigger projects that I use to do. Now the challenge is to organize it into the basement. Luckily I have Maxine, the ultimate organizer!

Enjoy Your Day!