Thursday, June 23, 2011

Raining in Batesville (Déjà vu!)

The last time we were in Batesville Indiana it rained. Nine days out of 12 it rained. I hope that our visit these next few weeks are not going to be as wet. When we unhitched on Tuesday it was raining just to the west of us and heading our direction. Luckily we got set up just in time.

We had a nice rainbow come out over the rig across from us.


Since Tuesday we have had a few pop up showers. At least we have been able to get out pretty much when we wanted to. The forecast calls for showers for the next couple of days but Saturday is suppose to be sunny and 75 degrees.

We will take advantage and will go to Cliffty Falls state park on Saturday for some hiking and picnicking.

We went to the post office and collected our mail that we had forwarded and just enjoyed a short motorcycle ride. We are not far from some casino’s and will probably head over that way one of these day’s to donate some money. The local economy is counting on us to do our part.

We started trying to get back in the exercise mode again. We are walking on some days and getting on the elliptical on others. All I can say is that Max is more dedicated than me. I am always a work in progress, ask Max.

We took the couch out and was able to get the elliptical put in in it’s place.


Not much else to report for today. We are just living the “Dream”

Enjoy Your Day!



Laurie and George said...

I finally sold my elliptical when it had more dust on it than my furniture :) Hard to get motivated at times!

Mike and Terri said...

I always envy people that can stick with an exercise routine. I, unfortunately, am not one of them.