Sunday, June 26, 2011

Clifty Falls State Park

Saturday the weather was just perfect. Sunny and a high around 80 degrees. We decided to go check out Clifty Falls State Park in Madison Indiana.

We packed up some lunches and water and rode the 47 miles to the park entrance.  Normally we would have had an annual pass for Indiana state parks, but since we are no longer in the state as much, we just pay the daily entrance fees.

Out of state entry fees are $7.00 for a vehicle. For some reason the gate attendant only charged us $2.00. He said that most motorcyclist just drive through and then back out so he does not charge the full amount. I told him we were staying for the day but he still only charged us the $2.00.

The park has 4 waterfalls that depending on what time of year has varying amounts of a water veil. Right now it is moderate to low.

Accessibility to the falls is pretty easy. You can either hike trails to all of them or park along the road in small parking areas and hike just a little ways to see the falls then go back to your car. Very convenient.


They have nice shelter houses and modern restrooms


The path to the Big Clifty Falls was paved for handicap accessibility.


Then for a different view you can take the steps down for a different view of the falls.


At the bottom of the steps.


There are some kids at the bottom of the falls getting a nice natural shower.


From here we hiked over to lookout point to see the falls from a distance.




That was by far the prettiest of the four falls. Here is a smaller fall that was along our hiking trail.


Most of these trails will take you down the bluffs. That means that you have to walk back up. I call the section the stairs of doom.


Steep grades do not bother us too much but a long flight of stairs is a different story. Max taking a break halfway up.


Along the path, I had a nice butterfly land and pose for a picture.


The park has several caves and abandoned railroad tunnels. They are closed now to the public because of a disease called “White Nose Syndrome”. It affects the bat population in these caves.


We finished up our hikes and headed over to the nature center and looked around. The park also has a very nice swimming pool and campground. We were going to fire up the grill for a early dinner but decided to ride back to the RV and cook dinner there.

We made it back around 4:00pm and I cooked some brats while Max made some salads. After dinner Max finished one of her cross stitch projects while I was talking fulltiming with some neighbors.

Max’s finished project.


We sat outside until 9:00 or so then headed into the rig and called it a night. We were pretty tired from the day’s events, but a good kind of tired.

Enjoy Your Day!


Tom and Marci said...

Looks like another nice hike. We're going to be at Brookville Lake at the end of July, and from the map it looks close, so we'll have to see if we can check out some of these areas you've found!

Mike and Terri said...

Nice park, and nice little perk on the discounted entrance fee!

Max congrats on finishing your cross stitch -- it's really cute. I have one that I've been working on (off and on) for YEARS that I'm hoping to finally finish now that I'll have some more free time.