Thursday, June 30, 2011

Shopping, Gambling, Eating

We took a daytrip to Indianapolis on Tuesday so I could get fitted for a suit for our sons wedding in August. The closest place to get fitted without driving all the way to Fort. Wayne was south of Indy.

It was a nice day and about an hour motorcycle ride. The fitting itself did not take too long. Since we were in the big city we decided to go shopping for Maxine’s dress that she will need for the wedding.

Guys have it easy, they just have to go get measured then show up on the day of the event. I did not even have to worry about what color of tie or anything. The bride to be takes care of all of that.

Maxine on the other hand has to worry about color, style, size and now since we do not have a lot of closet space, storage. Thankfully the wedding is semi casual so a long formal dress is not needed. She was looking for a dress that she would be able to wear again at say, a dinner party.

Well maybe not a dinner party, our dinner parties now are pot lucks at an activity center in the campground or something on the grill where shorts and t-shirts are in vogue.

So the dress needs to be formal enough for the semi casual event, and casual enough so that if I decide to take her out on our anniversary, I do not need to be in a suit. Yep, guys have it easier.

We asked the people in the Tux shop if there was a mall close by. There was one just down the road. We headed over to it and went inside. Max found a dress for the wedding pretty fast. We then had to get shoes, again pretty fast all things considered. Then we had to find something for her for our nieces wedding which also is in August.

Now the secret to following your wife around a store is that you have to be interested enough to let her know that you are engaged and occasionally pick up a dress and say how about this one sweetie! Knowing full well that it will be politely turned down. I figure that buys me about 15 minutes of getting lost in my own little world before I need to make another appearance with another dress. This process will repeat until she has found what she is looking for.

Unfortunately she could not find what she wanted for our nieces wedding. Yep, guys have it easy.

We were pretty tired and hungry and still had about an hour ride back to the campground. We stopped for dinner at a BBQ restaurant just down the street from the mall.  Not too bad. It wasn’t worlds best, but at least they did not advertise it as such.

On Wednesday we headed over to the Grand Victoria Hotel and Casino in Rising Sun Indiana.



We are not big gamblers at all but do enjoy donating a little money at the slot machines. We spent a couple of hours at the Grand Victoria and then headed over to the Hollywood Casino in Lawrenceburg. We mainly went to the Hollywood because of their crab leg buffet.


After a very good meal we went inside the casino to try our luck at the penny slots. I found out quickly that I do not have any luck. On the other hand, Max won $54.00 on a 27 cent bet. She ended up enough to cover my losses before I urged her to cash out. All in all we had a good day and with Maxine’s luck we were only out for the cost of our dinner. We made it back to the campground and enjoyed the evening outside until the bugs started biting and then called it a night.

The park is starting to fill up for the holiday weekend and we are expecting to have some friends from our motorcycle group come and visit us on Saturday. We plan to ride over to Cincinnati Ohio for dinner and maybe spend the evening around a nice campfire. Until then it is time to clean the RV and then maybe a little pool time before the crowds get here. It may already be too late!

Enjoy Your Day!


Mike and Terri said...

Great post -- LOL!!! Yep, guys have it easy. And, yep, we can tell you guys have a good relationship. Dave knows and accepts his duty when shopping with Maxine for a dress. LOL!

Congrats on your winnings!

Laurie and George said...

Haha, funny. Glad Max won enough to buy dinner, that's what it's all about!

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

yes- guys have it easy. Even if you buy the suit some guy comes out and makes sure it fits right. Not so for us girls but it sounds like Max had a good day all around.

Larissa Dobbin said...

Sounds like a pretty swell day! Hee hee, while you didn't win, your loss was covered. All in all, some good dining and gambling that resulted in no huge loss is all's well that ends well.

Well, good luck with the suit and all!
-Larissa Dobbin

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Marci Deegan said...

You do not have to be gamblers to enjoy casino. There’s a lot of fun and entertainment that it could offer aside from gaming; the fine dining and buffets, for one. I’m glad you enjoyed this luxurious experience. Congrats on the $54 winnings!

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