Sunday, July 31, 2011

Relaxing and Planning


Friday we had our last day with the grand boy's. We started the day by going to IHOP for breakfast, then an afternoon matinee to see the Smurfs movie. After the movie we dropped the boy’s off at home. We will have the boys again for a week while David and Beth are on their honeymoon.

Later that afternoon Max and I headed over to Decatur Indiana to the Back 40 Junction. Friday nights they have crab legs. Yummy as usual and we over did it again. We made it home and relaxed the rest of the evening outside under the awning. The neighbors across the street from us came over and we visited for a few hours.

Saturday Maxine spent the afternoon at Beth’s bridal shower while David and I relaxed and just spent some time talking at his house. The ladies got back in the late afternoon and they reported that the shower was very well done and they had a good time. I was happy that they brought back some left over food and candy!

This week we will be getting caught up on cleaning the rig, truck and motorcycle. We also will get our list of repairs that need to be done to our camper put together so we can make sure we get it all fixed. We have our appointment Next Monday the 8th of August at the factory to have some things repaired from some previous repairs, plus a few additional ones. Our warranty is up on the coach but they are still honoring it on some of the items. This will be our last repairs made under warranty and any other issues that come up will be on us. Problems will surface but this is just part of the lifestyle.

We got our Amazon start date of Nov 6th. Not quite as early as I would have liked but we will still get enough weeks of work in to accomplish our goal. We will float between the Thousand Trails campgrounds in Batesville and Clinton Indiana for September and October before we head to Kentucky. This way we can also save up our campground fees. Come December 23rd we will need to head south pronto to get out of any snow possibilities. Hopefully it won’t be snowing in Kentucky then.

Now I need to get serious about walking everyday. I am expecting that working at Amazon will have a lot of walking involved and the better shape I am in the easier it will be on me. Max is still doing her elliptical and walking so she should be in better shape then as well.

Enjoy Your Day!



Mike and Terri said...

It's easier to say goodbye to the grandkids (and vice versa) when you know you'll be seeing them again soon.

We're interested in checking out Amazon sometime so will be interested in hearing how it goes for you.

Steve and Joan said...

We look forward to reading about your Amazon adventure. It might be something Steve and I would be interested in doing.

Take care!