Sunday, August 7, 2011

Saturday Hog Roast and Ice Cream Social


Saturday we made plans to ride with our friends Mike and Susan Jennings to a hog roast. The hog roast was sponsored by the Goldwing Road Riders Chapter “U” from Angola Indiana. The hog roast was going to be held at a city park in Lake Pleasant.

Mike and Susan met us at our place around 9:30am and we left with just a hint of rain in the skies.

Mike and Susan


We made it just to the north side of Fort Wayne and there was a good size rain cloud just over the highway. We pulled off at a gas station and waited the shower out. It only took about 15 minutes and the rain stopped. We were able to ride the rest of the way to Angola without anymore rain.

We arrived at the city park where there was already a good size crowd gathered for the meal. There was plenty of pork, potato salad, baked beans, chips, deserts and ice cream.




After our meal they had about an hour and half guided ride around the country side that encompassed three lakes. There were about 30 bikes and trikes on the ride. We did run into a few sprinkles here and there but no major rain.


We came across a Paul Bunyan statue cut from a tree.




It was a nice ride around the lakes and then we headed back to the park. We stayed just long enough to get some ice cream before we headed towards another ice cream social that was at a church on our way back to Huntington. (You can never have too much ice cream on a hot day!)

We left the park and Mike led us west on various county roads until we picked up a state highway that led us south towards the church. We arrived at the church and there was a pretty good crowd. We headed to the basement and discovered that they also were serving “Sloppy Joes”, Hot Dogs, and other deserts. Plus the main attraction of various homemade ice cream.

I won’t say how much I had, however I had several helpings. There was Black Raspberry, Black Cherry, Strawberry, Butter Pecan and other varieties.  I could not pick a favorite they were all good.

After we had had enough we headed towards home. Thanks Mike and Susan for a fun day!

We got home around 6:00pm and the neighbors invited us over for a fire and to visit. We visited until 12:30 before we finally called it a night.

Sunday afternoon we loaded up and took the rig back to the factory in Howe Indiana for repairs. We are not sure how long it will take or when they will get to us so we are playing it day to day.

We need to head to Oshkosh Wi, on Friday for our nieces wedding this weekend. If they are not done by Thursday night we will just leave the rig at the factory over the weekend until we get back.

So for now the focus is getting the repairs done and finding things to keep us busy while they are working on it. I am not sure what we are going to do everyday, but we will come up with something!

Enjoy Your Day!


Laurie and George said...

What a fun day! Mmm, now I'm hungry for ice cream too :)

Mike and Terri said...

I LOVE ice cream socials -- YUMMY!

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Nothing better than homemade ice cream!