Monday, August 15, 2011

Nieces Wedding In Oshkosh

Last Thursday night we got the rig back to the campground in Huntington. We had had some repairs done at the DRV factory in Howe Indiana over the last week. All of the repairs were done and everything looks and works good.

Friday morning we got up early and packed up the motorcycle and cargo trailer for our trip to Oshkosh Wisconsin for our nieces wedding. We fueled up and stopped for breakfast and then started the 330 mile ride.

Our route would take us through Chicago. Now I know I need to pay tolls and I do not have a problem with that. What I do take issue with is that they do not have a motorcycle rate for tolls. It is all based on the number of axles you have. Now my motorcycle weighs less than a car, is smaller than a car but I had to pay the same price as a triple axle dump truck because I had my little cargo trailer.


Not so bad for the normal toll plaza’s, but when we got to the Chicago Skyway, cars had to pay $3.50 to cross. Since I had my little trailer it cost me $10.10 to cross, the same as the triple axle dump trucks that weigh 30,000 pounds. Talk about highway robbery.

We made it to Oshkosh around 3:30 local time and got checked into our hotel. We hooked up with the family that was there and visited.

The wedding was held at the home of one of our nieces friends. Since the groom was from Hawaii the theme was of course, Hawaiian. The wedding was held outdoors and was very casual. It was a beautiful ceremony and everyone had a good time.

Scott and Christine


Sunday morning we met all of the family for breakfast and then said our goodbye’s.   We will see Maxine’s mom and sister Betty when we make it back to Arizona in January. We will hook up again with Max’s other sister Judy when we are in southern Indiana this fall.

We headed back to Indiana and and made it home around 7:00pm after stopping for dinner at a Chinese restaurant. We flirted with rain clouds and wet roads the last hour of riding but we did not get rained on.

This week we will play catch up with the laundry, bills and grocery’s. The RV needs washing again so I might do that this week as well since the temps are going to be cooler. We shall see!

Enjoy Your Day!


Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Cost us $29 to get through the state of Oklahoma. We paid more than semi trucks because motorhome pulling car is 4 axles. Crazy

Tom and Marci said...

We avoid toll roads as much as possible because we know our triple axle RV is going to cost us a fortune . . . but your motorcycle and trailer . . . that's just crazy!!

Mike and Terri said...

I'll bet you had the added bonus of a nice "smooth" ride on that toll road too -- NOT!

Dave and Maxine- Wandering Wingers said...

Mike and Terri, You are so right. you would think toll roads would be in top shape. I think the wing will need new fork seals!