Friday, August 19, 2011

Staying Busy


We finally got caught up on laundry, bills and groceries. Now we are just really being lazy. Monday our son Mike brought little Emma out to visit with us. We walked with her down to the swing and merry-go-round. She sure is fun.


The hard part of traveling is not being around the grandkids. It is an issue that most full-timers struggle with. Our older grandkids had time with us when we had the sticks and bricks house so they know who we are and enjoy seeing us when we come back. With Emma, we have been traveling since Emma was born, so she does not really know us. She is shy around us still but is warming up to us. About the time we win her over it will be time to hit the road again. That will be hard.

Tuesday night we went on a dinner ride with our Goldwing group. We went to a little restaurant called the Ice House. It is in Marion Indiana and they have a really good salad. We enjoyed the nice evening ride there and back.

Today (Friday) we were taking our morning power walk when Mike and Emma pulled up. He wanted to know if we wanted to take a motorcycle ride with him up to Mishawaka Indiana to the Apple store. He needed to get his phone repaired or replaced. We said sure, any day is a good day for a ride!

He dropped Emma off at the sitters and we met at his house. He got his motorcycle out and we stopped for fuel. It is a 2 hour ride one way to Mishawaka so we new we would be gone awhile. It was a nice sunny ride up, we found the store in the mall and they were able to repair the phone on the spot. We then found a Flat Top Grill and had a really nice stir fry for a late lunch. This was our fist time at a Flat Top Grill and it was pretty good.

This Saturday night we will have the grand boys over, then on Sunday afternoon we are going to take a motorcycle ride up to Millersburg Indiana to meet another full timing couple Jim and Dee. They are fellow RV-Dreamers who’s blog, Tumbleweed, we also follow. They are in the area getting some things repaired on their Carriage 5th wheel. Since they are so close it is a good opportunity to meet them.

I got another e-mail from Amazon saying that they wanted people to start early. We got one last week where they wanted people to start on Aug 15th. We could not make that start date but I sent them back a message that if they have anything starting Sept 12 or later we would be able to make it. We have not heard anything back, so for now our start date is still Nov 6th.

Summer is slipping away so we try to be outside as much as we can. Even if it is just sitting under the awning. Or, in my case, sleeping under the awning.

Enjoy Your Day!

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Mike and Terri said...

Oh my -- Emma is the cutest thing EVER!!

Have fun with Jim and Dee tomorrow!