Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Parking Lot Camping At DRV


Since Monday Max and I have been at the DRV factory where our Mobile Suites was born. We had to make an appointment to have some shoddy repair work that was done last may reworked.

They work on the rig during the day and then move it out at night so we can stay in it. By 6:00 pm the parking lot is empty except for us. There were some other rigs here with us on Monday but they have been repaired and are back on the road.


Wish we could have a campfire!


So far, our experience with the factory service people has been fantastic. Our tech “Fly” is a very knowledgeable young man. He has addressed all of our concerns and he even spotted and corrected an item that I was going to take care of later. Cool!

Wednesday they started working on replacing the floor and they hope to get it done by Thursday afternoon. I hope so too. I want to get the rig back to Huntington before we take the motorcycle up to Wisconsin on Friday. If he does not get it done then we plan on leaving the rig here at the factory over the weekend while we are at our nieces wedding. I would just worry less about being away from the rig if it was in its spot back at the campground.

We have been around this area of Indiana a lot over the last 20 years, so  seeing the local attractions is not a big deal to us, so we are spending most of our days in the customer lounge area at the factory relaxing and watching TV. A few other owners would come and go and we would chat with them for awhile. We did venture out on a little motorcycle ride today just because the weather was so nice.

We did spy a unit they make called a Majestic Suite. It has 5 slides and is a custom model they make and sell to a Hollywood movie studio. It is set up with a front lounge and a rear make up room. They will use these on the movie sets for the actors to use.


Tonight we have a room at a Super 8 across the street from the factory. Tomorrow we will either be back in Huntington or if the rig won’t be done we may head on up towards Wisconsin and spent a night somewhere between here and Oshkosh.

Enjoy Your Day!

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Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Hope you get back in your rig soon. It will be a relief to have it all fixed up.