Friday, September 9, 2011

Batesville Indiana

We arrived on Tuesday and it has been raining off and on since. I do not know what it is about Batesville and us coming here, but it always rains. Not just a quick shower but an all day, misty kind of rain. It does make for good napping weather though.

I should not be complaining about a few days of rain, when there is flooding in the north east and fires in Texas. Our heart goes out to all of those affected by these events.

Some of our RVing friends are trying to hold a rally in Hersey Pa. next week. Some of the roads to the campground are underwater and are closed. Some others are trying to sell their homes so they can become full-timers and flood waters are encroaching or have already done considerable damage to their property.  Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

We have just been getting caught up on laundry and taking it easy. We also started looking at where we are going to stay for 2 weeks in Arizona while we visit Max’s mother and sister the first two weeks or so in January.

We belong to Thousand Trails, Escapee’s and Coast to Coast where our camping fees are minimal. There are probably 10 campgrounds around the Phoenix area to choose from. They all have sites available but we can not go to any of them! They are all age 55 or older community’s. Sheesh!

We reserved a spot at Lake Pleasant just north of Phoenix. It is a beautiful area and we will enjoy it more than an RV park but is a little bit further to drive after eating one of my sister-in-laws fabulous meals and a little wine tasting. (Hint –Hint ).

Just a little over a week and we will be starting at Amazon. We think we will have a great experience and are looking forward to it. I just hope we get day shift. If not we will adapt. Luckily the day-night shades can keep the bedroom pretty dark during the day.

Football season is here and already my Chiefs will be blacked out on NFL Sunday Ticket. Our South Dakota address forces us to have local channels assigned to Sioux Falls. They are showing the Chiefs game there so my NFL ticket will block the game since they figure I can get it locally in Sioux Falls. It is frustrating. I did a check on KELO TV and for the next 3 games they will be televised. If I would have known this I might have had our mail forwarding set up in Texas. Then I would not have had the problem.

We decided to cancel the NFL Sunday Ticket package and I activated our Sirius radio and added the internet package. Now at least I can listen to the games. I can plug my laptop into the home entertainment system and have the game on either inside or outside. We will see how it works this year.

Enjoy Your Day!


Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

I have the same issue with the Cowboys. Fortunately they are often the National game and I can see them on the Distant Network Channels. Also I am a big Buccaneers fan since we lived in Tampa and had season tickets for 10 years. I have the sirius radio too. Gotta have that football.

gypsygirl said...

Hi Dave,
I sent you an email with my contact info but it may have gone to your spam. Looking forward to hearing about Amazon.